Extensive Idle Times


Unexplained CTDs apart, the most annoying thing about Evolve is that you spend more times in menus and waiting for other players than you do actually playing matches. Idle times are too long and matches are too short.

Apart from the obvious request to generally speed up load times, i propose logging the load times of players and matching the ones with shorter load times with each other. I mean no offense, but people who’ve invested in faster hard-drives/SSDs are surely feeling the fools over having to wait two minutes for people with hard-drives from the 90s to finish up. This is not quite how we envisioned the future of online gaming, is it?

Since people with slower hardware is the majority, they wouldn’t suffer from only being matched up with people of equal hardware anyway. No harm done at all. People with faster hardware would probably very much enjoy their matches loading faster. The Evolve community is surely big enough now that this idea wouldn’t negatively marginalize the community.


Are you playing ranked? Queue times are much longer there. Go quickplay, shorter waiting time and less cheaters.

I never had even a single CTD though, and haven’t read many complaints either. Might be on your end.