Exploit or Hack? Invisible healing and boosting through walls and sometimes curves around line of sight

I am crazy?

You can curve the beams. I’m not seeing anything going through walls.

Sadly I couldn’t get them to repeat the beams through walls thing.

Hm. Weird.

But in the bottom picture, you can see the beam starting from inside that rock.

You’re right, now that I’ve more closely inspected it I can definitely see Sunny’s beam going through the rock.

I think- think, mind you- that this is just the beam VFX being annoying. They tend to take a far more radical arc than is necessary and clip through things because of it. Heck, Griff’s poon won;t break off when it’s in the middle of a bloody wall sometimes. -_-

I’m more inclined to call this misleading VFX than hacks, but I’m not sure, of course.

Tongues and abducts clip through things all the time too, not hax

OP you are experiencing the invisible player bug. This is NOT a hack/exploit. Its caused by lag at the beginning of the match which desyncs one or more of the players. I have come across entire teams like this and even the monster a couple of times. For some reason their names and health bars will only appear at the top and bottom of cliff ledges. I have seen healing beams stretching across the entire map before which is pretty hilarious.

I agree with you.

When you play val for exemple. You have to see you’re target to heal. Right. So at this moment you can heal “zoooooooowm” BUT You can move the line of the healing gun where you want. So it can go throught walls and still healing the target you keep in eyes

I hope you see what I mean. My english is bad sometimes XD

I don’t think it’s cheating here too. Unfortunatly the proof is not very good. It’s possible a cheat like this exist. I saw some days ago a player [][][][][][][] like this using torvald spamming mortar withotu cd…

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Ok I know this issue. Pb solved ?