Exploit / hacker caught on video. No reload and Infinite Jet pack


End of the video shows obvious exploits.


Bad audio, sorry.


Chill. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not tounge grab him into the breakdance :frowning:

Edit: ignore me, didn’t watch the end of the video.


What’s the point in even playing the game if you’re just gonna cheat so obviously and dick around?


This would come in handy for Behemoths third tongue grab star


That assault had terrible aim.


What a piece of shit!


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Please report this to 2k support and provide the video as evidence when so doing. Sorry, but the forum is not the place for showing the cheating/hacking but thank you for bringing it to our attention, just be sure to let 2K know as well since they are the ones that ultimately will have to handle the hacker.