Explain this: custom to your playstyle... but 4 abilities


this is one thing i never understood about this game. it’s sort of stressed that you can play monsters - your way- but it just seems like a better way of phrasing this is “dont pick the ability you hate most”

wouldn’t it be better to give the monsters 6 abilities so they can only choose half of them to be stage 3? then they’d actually change it up. i know it’s a bit late now, but those are my two cents.


Part of the beauty of evolve is its simplicity :slight_smile:


I was thinking make that another option at the lobby. You have six abilities, you pick the 4 you want to take for that match. Add points same as we do now. Could be an up date?


Only if you’re putting 3 points in 3 skills will you not have 4. It’s usually advised to put at least 1 point into skills that you don’t like/are bad with so that you have it. What they mean is, play it your way, max what you like.

I love leaping and people so I max leap slam to 3 at lvl 1. That is my way, most people dont do that.


I am an eggs in one basket kinda guy. If I have more than one skill at stage on, two at two and three at three start screaming blasphemy because someone has hacked my account and is playing with my profile!


I think a big part of it is that you KNOW what to expect, though. I see a Goliath, I know that I should be careful around cliffsides if he charges and that the fire breath is coming if we all pile up at mid-range. The predictability is what allows for more intuitive counterplay for both sides. Suddenly I have a situation where I don’t know what his fourth ability is until he reaches tier 3, and so when he just suddenly pulls out the one move I wasn’t expecting it messes everything up.

Not to mention that you get the situation where you’re diluting things. 4 great, versatile and powerful abilities beat 6 or more okay ones. Focused design is good design.


I think mixing and matching stealth with brute force + a monster can choose to engage the hunters pretty much whenever makes it a “your own playstyle” kind of deal.

In combat, besides a strategic climb/juke now and then it’s really just spamming the buttons + mouse1 tbh.