Experimenting with Different Team Configurations


“Panopticon” - Griffin | Bucket | Val | Hyde

This build incorporates Griffin’s Sound Spikes and Bucket’s Flying UAV to create a panoptic battlefield. Val’s Tranquilizer Dart and Hyde’s Toxic Grenade are supplementary tools for tracking and leading the monster.

Know the monster’s location without being near him.
Disrupts a sneaky monster’s confidence.
Allows for stealthy traps.

Lacks momentum.
Splits the team up.


Griffin (Movement Speed or Jetpack Recharge)
Bucket (Reload Speed or Movement Speed)
Val (Jump Height or Reload Speed)
Hyde (Movement Speed or Jetpack Recharge)

Optional buffs:

See all creatures within 40m (Spotters)
35% Move Speed (Canyon Stryder)


MODE 1: Surveillance

First, split into two groups: A) Griffin/Val and B) Bucket/Hyde. Use Val’s MedGun range (60m) to negotiate maximum distance between groups.

Griffin decorates the map with sound spikes. Do not overlap their distribution. Place spikes near fallen wildlife to lure the monster into their scope.

Use Bucket’s UAV to fill the panopticon’s gaps. Keep Bucket centrally located to maximize UAV mobility and lessen the distance he must travel to rendezvous with the team. While the UAV recharges, complement sound spike geography with turrets.

Val’s Tranquilizer Dart helps Griffin situate sound spikes around wildlife. Highlight large targets.

Hyde’s Toxic Grenades lead the monster into undesirable paths. Throw them in areas Bucket and Griffin can not cover.

MODE 2: Prison

With the monster trapped, maintain the team’s split nature.

Group A slows the monster. Group B deals damage. Use Griffin’s Harpoon Gun to catch the monster (always from behind). Place motion sensors within the dome. Only use his SMG when the Harpoon Gun is recharging and there are no sound spikes to place.

Val tranquilizes the monster from opposite Griffin. Place weak spots on the head and sides, if possible.

Bucket places turrets inside the dome. Distribute them if the monster is mobile, but concentrate them if he is slowed or pinned. Help Hyde with DPS. Hold the cloak to save Griffin or Val if they draw aggro.

Hyde’s toxic grenades help organize the fight. Throw one to situate the monster before dealing damage. Hyde should fight across from Bucket.

Maintain a + or x formation as much as possible, as this will make Group A’s job easier.

When the dome falls, return to MODE 1.

PANOPTICON is not necessarily the best way to trap or fight the monster, but it is fun. I rarely play as Griffin or Bucket and I wanted to incorporate them in a way that felt fun and made sense. Give it a try, or provide suggestions for improvement! It’s like a recipe, so you can always switch out characters or perks to your liking

more to come.


You forgot Val, Griffin and Sunny. Where Val and Griffin make sure you don’t break LOS and Sunny uses her ridiculous Booster to brutally demolish you.



"Mildew” - Slim | Cabot | Crow | Hyde

This build incorporates Slim’s Spore Cloud and Cabot’s Dust Tagging to ruin the monster’s food supply and starve him of growth. Gobi is used to highlight wildlife.

Severely hinders monster momentum in mid to late game.
Monster is forced to chase the hunters.

Monster will reach stage 2 without having taken damage.

Slim (Reload Speed or Damage Bonus)
Cabot (Reload Speed or Capacity Increase)
Crow (Damage Bonus)
Hyde (Damage Bonus)

Optional buffs:
See all creatures within 40m (Spotters)


MODE 1: Blight
First, moving outward in some direction, kill all wildlife you encounter. Carcasses decay in 2 minutes. Linger in an area until the corpses are no longer harvestable. Use this time to clear an entire section of the map’s biome. Bisect the map and finish one side before attempting the other.

Crow reveals wildlife with Gobi while Cabot’s Dust Tagging paints expanses that Gobi has missed.

Let Hyde’s Toxic Grenades kill large patches of wildlife.

Slim covers footprints with his Spore Cloud and hides the team’s position.

Engage the monster if you find it during this routine, but do not give chase. The point is to erode the monster’s source of nutrition so that it becomes exceedingly difficult and time consuming to find food.

MODE 2: Mildew
When the monster is trapped, place priority on bombarding teammates and the monster with Slim’s Spore Cloud. Fight within Poison/Spore Clouds as much as possible, throwing Toxic Grenades on teammates who draw aggro. The debuff Toxic Grenades transmit to allies can be used to an advantage.

Slim must balance dealing damage with generating Spore Clouds.

Whenever Hyde can throw a grenade, do so, preferably at an ally.

Slow the monster with a charged shot from Crow’s Stasis Gun. So long as the monster is slowed, only fire charged shots from Crow’s Kinetic Long Rifle.

Cabot’s Damage Amplifier helps Hyde and Slim erode the monster’s armor and adds punch to Crow’s Long Rifle charged shots.

When the dome falls, ⟳.

I sometimes get bored chasing a monster all game, particularly the slippery and sneaky ones who don’t engage. Try this build to alter the game’s rhythm. MILDEW gets its name from the green haze Slim, Cabot, and Hyde will leave across the map.


“Dust to Dust” - Lazarus | Cabot | Griffin | Parnell

For Cabot players. Cabot leads the team in this build. Aided by Griffin’s sound spikes, Dust Tagging tracks the monster and directs the team. Cabot’s Cloaking Field and Lazarus’ Personal Cloak keep the team invisible when it counts.

Disorients and confuses the monster.

Slow momentum.
Requires stealthy, patient play.

Lazarus (Reload Speed)
Cabot (Reload Speed)
Griffin (Movement Speed or Health Regen)
Parnell (Damage Resistance or Health Regen)

Optional buffs:
Class ability cool down reduction (Mega Mouth )
35% Movement speed (Marsh/Canyon Strider)


The team organizes around Cabot. Hug Cabot’s Cloaking Field range (10m) during traversal. Deploy Lazarus as an auxiliary of the team when doing so could pinch the monster. Griffin situates Sound Spikes and Cabot deploys Dust Tagging to isolate the monster.

Be patient. Use invisibility when you are within meaningful range of the monster, to anticipate monster trajectory, and to ambush and trap him.

When the monster is domed, use Cabot’s damage amplifier to amplify Parnell’s damage. Whenever anyone but Parnell draws aggro, save the Cloaking Field to whisk that ally to safety while all players rearrange.

Lazarus deploys his cloak only when Cabot can not provide him with one or when doing so is necessary to revive an ally.

I enjoy Cabot and like the idea of him leading the team, since it fits with the story. DUST TO DUST is named after Cabot’s Cloaking Field and his Dust Tagging skill, which are the main tools you employ to track the monster.


I feel like there is wrong information inside these strats. like hydes toxic nade leading a monster to do anything…


Also spore cloud covering up footprints as they hunt mobs


“Superbug” - Slim | Sunny | Abe | Hyde

Kite the monster and tank for the team with Slim. With Sunny’s help, let Slim and Hyde lead the monster while Abe tags wildlife and sets up to intercept.

Lets the team inflict high damage while one player kites.

Difficult to pull off in late game (stage 3).
Can be difficult for Slim to keep aggro.

Slim (Damage Resistance)
Sunny (Capacity Increase or Reload Speed)
Abe (Damage Bonus or Reload Speed)
Hyde (Damage Bonus or Reload Speed)

Optional buffs:
75% ammo or battery increase (Obsidian Garb)
35% damage increase (Crowbill Sloth)
50% weapon switch and reload speed (Mammoth Bird)


Let Slim and Hyde take point. Slim and Hyde lead the monster out of hiding with Spore Clouds and Toxic Grenades. Kill some wildlife and spare others, but Abe tags everything you encounter. Move in a band and sweep horizontally across the map until you have a lead.

Abe should anticipate monster trajectory by moving at a right angle to the main team. Use Slim and Hyde’s leading as an additional tracking tool.

When domed, Slim must gain aggro and hold it. Do this by maintaining imperfect HP, disturbing the monster’s personal space, bombarding him with Spore Clouds, and moving into vulnerable positions. Once the monster is on Slim, coordinate with Abe to keep him slowed when necessary. Make sure to shoot Spore Clouds at Slim’s feet and to kite the monster near Sunny’s Shield Drone or into Poison Clouds.

The team must not steal aggro from Slim. Do not Jet Pack Boost or Slow Grenade until Slim’s HP falls below 35%. While Slim has aggro, all characters focus DPS on the monster. Slim’s Damage Resistance perk and self-heals should let him take a beating before he needs assistance.

If Slim goes down, let Hyde take his role as tank.

I like the idea of the Medic acting as the tank, especially since the medic is one of the first classes a monster goes after anyway. SUPERBUG is a reference to the many different roles Slim plays in this build. It’s also what I call him whenever Sunny Jet Pack boosts him across the screen.


again. it can work. but its not well thought out. why would you pick sunny if slim needs to keep agro at all times. and you say do not jetpack boost. who is a 10x better shielder than sunny…

btw hyde slows in the poison cloud. so slim will be stuck anyway. he can still tank with a shield tho. but he wnt be able to kite very well.

spore clouds will hide the hp bars. so slim cannot “keep” agro when the monster can barely even see him lol.


“Glitter Parade” - Slim | Cabot | Abe | Torvald

Torvald leads with Shrapnel Grenades while the rest of the team helps corner the monster with glitter.

Easily shakes a monster out of hiding.

Slow momentum.


Slim - (Reload Speed)
Cabot - (Reload Speed)
Abe - (Movement Speed)
Torvald - (Movement Speed)

Optional Buffs:
All Wildlife Runs Away (Basking Cephalodon)


Torvald takes point while Abe tags. Toss Shrapnel Grenades in the monster’s general location when you believe you have a lead. Slim bombs with Spore Clouds and Cabot Dust Tags when possible.

When the monster is domed, splash Slow Grenades, Shrapnel Grenades, and Spore Clouds at the monster. Torvald coordinates with Cabot and weak points for additional damage.

I was in this exact match tonight, and it was so pretty seeing purple, green, red, and white glitter all over the place that I named this build GLITTER PARADE.


“Autopilot” - Caira | Sunny | Maggie | Parnell

The AI controls the trapper, giving the player extra time to view the mini-map and coordinate with the team.

Find the monster quickly.



Caira - (Movement Speed)
Sunny - (Movement Speed)
Maggie - (Movement Speed)
Parnell - (Movement Speed)

Optional Buffs:
Bullets slow the monster (Steamadon)
35% movement speed (Marsh/Canyon Strider)


Maggie goes idle. That player should bring up the mini-map and use the luxury of not controlling a character to help guide the group. Follow Daisy.

Sunny should Jet Pack Boost Parnell while Caira uses Speed Boost when Sunny lags behind. Anticipate Daisy’s trajectory.

When the monster is domed, Maggie returns. Fight as normal.

I like the idea that going idle could be used constructively. Daisy, the character perks, Sunny’s Jet Pack Recharge, and Caira’s Speed Boost echo the theme, too.