Experienced Xbox One Players! Please Help!


Hello Fellow Hunters and Monsters,
My friend and I decided to get back into Evolve because we love it! Problem is. The game is hard to want to play because we always lose our matches!
I don’t want to sound rude to new players, but we always get paired with noobs who don’t know how to play the game right just yet! For once my friend and I want to win at least ONE match! (Specifically kill the OP Wraith), and we want to play with other hunters who are just as skilled and know what to do!
If anyone wants to add me so we can kill some monsters, feel free!
Gamertag: FuxinJibran
Happy Hunting!


Never thought I’d see that. Thank you internet.


I still think the Wraith’s Decoy ability is way too OP. It shouldn’t be able to damage you at least. Just serve as a distraction. The fact that it can down a character is just too much!


Sure, I’ll play. I will try to be on later this afternoon. I have a friend on xbox live who has a birthday today and wants to play some evolve. So maybe we can have a full team for ranked!


Every Monster ability has to deal damage. If it didn’t, it’d be useless.

You can already tell if it’s a decoy by shooting a bullet or two and seeing if it flickers. So shoot once, and then just ignore it. It’d be useless.


I’ll probably get on later tonight. (I’ve been avoiding playing until the patch or update) if nothing else we can run some customs if we get enough people. (More fun than ranked IMO)

GT = SQUARE Necron


I’ve been reading around that there is supposed to be an Evolve revamp update soon? What exactly do they plan on doing? I was hoping for a sequel announcement but if they plan on fixing everything (hopefully servers), then I’m okay with that.


Yes, there is an update coming that’s supposed to change the whole game (kind of). It’s gonna be TU09 (Title Update).
Here’s a list of changes supposed to come with it (no complete list):

However, that update got pushed back till summer, so the devs are currently working on a micro patch. It won’t have code changes, but rather balance changes.
Here’s another list of changes supposed to come with that patch:


GT is Rapterror9. I’m moving right now, however, so I may not be on for awhile.


My GT is V0id 0m3g4. Feel free to add me as im on evolve regularly.


GT is SirLOL5, down to play anything at any time


That’s why Wraith is winning. All monsters capatalize on player mistakes.