Experienced players: which characters to unlock first?



I’m saving up silver keys to unlock. But I don’t want to waste them spending on weak or highly situational characters. What are the “essential” heroes to unlock first for each class? Thank you.


I really think it depends on what character you have a preference with. What kind of Hunter or Monster types do you like. After that I can suggest you some characters :slight_smile:


I’d go with Kala. Nothing wrong with Kala. Kala is best.




Val / Rogue Val / Caira
Hank / Sunny
Abe / Griffin
not sure about assault


I’m not a pro, but my picks would be:

Support - Hank
Assault - Blitz Markov or Lennox
Trapper - Maggie
Medic - Rogue Val or Caira


Markov is best for new players because of the lock on system

Hyde deals the best damage for better players


Assault: Hyde provides low yet consistent damage against most if not all Monsters.
Support: Bucket is probably more for new players since he’s less focused on teammates and more on damage.
Medic: No clue who’s new user friendly.
Trapper: Probably Maggie.


Yeah I played the big alpha and I loved markov from there but experienced monsters kill mines soo fast that I’m loving hyde. The flamer is legit!


I like Hank, and Hyde.


Why maggie over, say abe or griffin?


I think this is a pretty good selection.

However I’d be inclined to tell you, OP, unless you’re trying to get into competitive play a lot, just play what you think will be fun. :slight_smile:


Daisy leads players to Monsters and provides movement speed.


She’s good to tell the monsters general direction all the time but now with satellite scanner I don’t think she’s as good as the other 2


I’d say pretty much every character is fine, save maybe Lennox, who’s pretty bad against Kraken. But she’s super fun, so. I agree with @The_Specialist; it’s all about character preference and what you enjoy.

It sorta splits into offensive/defensive characters. For Trappers, Maggie, Wasteland Maggie, Griffin, and Jack are defensive, while Crow and Abe are more offensive. The first few all have CC that’ll stop the Monster from pursuing a teammate, while the others overall have more damage. I’d say Griffin is probably the most consistently useful.

Assaults - Both Markovs and Torvald are defensive, while Parnell is offensive. Hyde and Lennox can go either way depending on how you play. I think Hyde is probably the best here for new players just because he’s versatile.

Supports - Both Hanks and Sunny are defensive, while Cabot and Kala are offensive. Bucket goes either way because of his new recharge thing. Hank and Cabot are probably the staples here.

Medics - Val, Caira, and EMET are defensive, while Rogue Val, Laz, and Slim are all higher damage and higher risk.

Watch some videos on YouTube or something to see some gameplay, figure out who seems fun, and go from there.


For medics I would suggest: Caira or Val.

Caira and Val are both pretty good standard healers although Val is a bit lacking on her self healing. Lazaurus is less of a healer and more of a melee ranged rezzer with a cloak, the difference in mechanics is attractive to some people but IMO make him a low priority unlock. Slim has good multi target healing against monsters who he is able to fire the most amount of shots into.

For supports I would suggest: Hank, or Sunny.

Hank and Sunny are the game’s defensive supports meaning they have abilities which help keep their team alive, while the other supports have value, these ones are the most noob friendly. As far as I can tell, Kala, Bucket and Cabot can all be effective supports of the offensive variety (with bucket minoring in defense) if you are skilled enough to use them.

For trappers I would suggest: Abe, Maggie/wasteland Maggie, and Jack.

Abe has some pretty good damage, a throw and forget slow grenade, and the ability to use tracking darts to track the monster after he leaves your line of sight.

Maggie and wasteland Maggie have harpoon traps which harpoon any nearby monster after a short trigger time and a machine pistol primary, while Maggie has 3 harpoon traps wasteland Maggie is limited to 1 trap that goes off faster and has a longer trigger radius, they also have an alien dog named daisy which can revive players and lead you to the monster, also wasteland Maggie’s daisy has a flamethrower.

Jack’s only attractive element at this point is his crowd control tool which allows you to stop the monster from moving in a direction, potentially allowing you buy your teammates seconds while they or you are kiting the monster. And he can do this while moving at full speed while strafing or backing up.

For assaults I suggest: Torvald, Lennox, Parnell, and Hyde.

I wouldn’t suggest unlocking Blitz Markov since he is so similar to normal Markov whom you can unlock by playing the hunter tutorial. IMO most of the assaults aren’t worth unlocking in a timely manner and you should focus on other class unlocks before unlocking assaults.

Torvald has a reliable shotty and mortar cannons on his back, his mortars deal good damage to monsters that stay in a location for long enough or monsters who happen to wander into them.

Lennox can deal great damage if you can get consecutive hits with her close ranged weapon without taking damage, but doesn’t fair as well against every monster.

Parnell has a shotgun with a massive spread making it terrible against targets beyond short range but amazing at short range against monsters like Behemoth, a straight firing rocket launcher for targets that are further away, and an attack/movement speed steroid.

Hyde has consistent damage with both his short ranged flamethrower and his minigun, and also has his gas grenades for dealing damage to monsters who are staying in an area.


Offence aside, Bucket actually has quite strong defence potential since with his MR, he can essentially grant a half bar of shields every time it’s recharged as well as immediately replenishing the Defence Matrix and Healbursts, all while granting extra damage to pressure the monster and the zoning/CC of turrets.

His defence isn’t hard to use, you just need to manage Shieldburst and MR properly, and his turrets aren’t too hard to set up. I honestly think that with some characters he can be better at protection than Hank.


Eh, it seems quite clear that his defense is lower than Hank and Sunny’s, with Sunny granting the ability to dodge more things and shield a fair amount of damage or force the monster to destroy drones and Hank with the ability to shield about 800 damage every 8-14 seconds.


It is worth noting that Bucket’s damage also lessens the time a monster can safely spend in a fight, and/or forces them to waste at least one ability and a bit of time (which detracts from hard focus) to destroy them.

I can, however, see what you mean. I suppose it really depends on situation, but Bucket seems to be working almost, if not just as, well as Hank now.


Consider which character in the free rotation has been your favorite.

For Caira I would recommend characters like Griffin, Parnell, maybe Cabot.

If Hank or Markov are your favorite I would check out Val, Maggie, or Sunny

If Abe is your favorite I recommend Hyde, Bucket, maybe Laz, maybe Slim.

Remember that the new rotation is tomorrow so definitely check them out and decide afterwards


What are your role preferences ?

Asssault - based on which on you like the most, lennox to be the last because of the skill cap requirement.

Trapper- Abe - Abe is much easier to use after introducing the scanner, there is no more guessing in early game where did the monster go ? Griffin and jack the last because griffin’s harpoon is not easy to master.

Medic - Caira- least utilities, spam heal grenades, accelerate when being focused. others depends on your taste. and last will be slim ( at this moment i think its the weakest , till slim is buffed. )

Support- Hank/sg hank, then sunny, Last being cabot or bucket .

Good luck, most importantly, play whichever class/character u liked the most and enjoy the game.
Happy hunting.