Experience or just Common sense?


I’ve been seeing a lot of threads popping up about how hard it is to escape Hunters in higher level play…

Then it hit me, is it just common sense? Nearly every monster player will go around the outskirts of the map until they reach Stage 3, (if they do) it’s not hard for Hunters to take shortcuts through the middle to gain a lot of ground on the Monster… Maybe if Monster players sometimes cut through the middle it would catch the Hunters out and they’d lose track of the monster…

It seems as though even the AI does it in solo. It doesn’t take a phenomenal Hunter squad to realize the Monster is doing a large circle around the edges of the map. It’s been happening since the Beta, maybe people just picked up on it.


Maybe they need to spend more time as a hunter? Know thine enemy?

I tend to play monster to learn how they think… I am a hunter by trade


It’s something I picked up on whilst spying on them as the Monster in the early game. Most Hunters appear to not follow tracks, they just head straight to where the monster is and use the Pincer method. (They still look to see which way the tracks head though)