Experianced player constantly matched with <10 hrs played


Almost every time I queue now I check the steam profile of those who I am matched with and they often have less than 10 hours logged. I have 600+ hours played and I get put in games with these noobs constantly. It is no fun to play hunter with people who don’t even know the basics and it’s boring to play monster and get easy wins. The only time I get decent players is when it’s a premade and I get forced into monster.


Yeah,when i see it I take monster,it is win under 2minutes at spawn…
either find premade or get rekt


It is very frustrating to play with Hunters that revive when Laz is on your team, or Hunters that can’t dodge and take everything in the face and say “Medic heal ffs!”… facepalm Or Trappers that use the PS as soon as they drop then get juked when they get to where the monster was. Or Assaults that somehow think their secondary does more damage and never swaps weapons, or Assaults that just decide to stop firing when I have Cabot’s amp on the monster. I also hate Trappers that think they’re Assaults, they never use their CC and constantly fire their weapon and wonder why we’re gettin destroyed

I’ve only got 320 hours (excluding Alpha/Beta hours), but I’m very experienced and playing with people with <20 hours is frustrating af, especially when they think they know everything and think they’re better than you

I’m also sick and tired of all these people coming on the forums asking for buffs/nerfs with no real feedback without learning their strengths/weaknesses and counters. They most likely got beat badly by a set of hunters because they’re a noob and came here because they didn’t get their own way



I check the player options or steam profile as soon as the lobby is filled. If I’m placed with 10 to 50 hrs played, I’d just leave the lobby and find new one. If I can’t find decent one after multiple attempts, I just play monster and end game at stage 1.


Yeah, I have just started to leave these lobbies as you can already tell the outcome of the match just by looking at the hours played.


I agree with most of that except that I adore giving Evolve advice, I don’t know what it is about this game. Problem is, I get scolded on for doing it. I went up against a lvl 40 Kraken with my lvl 27 Markov only to get paired with a lvl 1 Emet.

They are looking into matchmaking but it’s a slow process.