Exotic Shear wildlife with Generic


Today we will be looking at the Aviary and one of it most fascinating creatures.

The Dartbrain:

The Dartbrain is a unique bird in the sense that when it senses danger it immediatly lounges down in to the ground beak first.
In what resembles a idiot falling from a 10-story highraise:

Once embedded in to the ground the animal ignores all stimulus and pretends to be a gargoyle. This in turn throws off predators as they cannot fully understand what or why the animal chose to plant its face in to a concrete floor.
They then realize that eating the bird would be dangerous for their own IQ and instead decide to leave the bird alone.

This species of bird is a truly unique animal in that once the predator has left. The bird cannot dislodge itself from the concrete and must remain in this state for quite a long period of time. In total it will take around 20 minutes for the bird to be free from its state of imprisonment:

It really does resemble a kite doesnt it? Quite fascinating. Until next time fellow hunters and apex predators. Who knows what we will find next time?


I was drinking.


He seems to like flying into the ground?


I’ve been staring at this for god knows how long and I still can’t come to grips with what its doing €_€


This is the ability of a proper hunter my friend. I find exotic wildlife so that you city dwellers may experience the awesome nature of shear.


I salute you sir, you’ve done nature proud :bucket_salute:


I thought from the title there was gonna be something generic about the wildlife and was curious