Existing game? No, thanks


As a title says, I don’t want to connect into existing game, never, never, never. I don’t know who am i playing against/with, don’t know which perk I have or I just connect into wraith game stage 1, 0 armor, 1hp bar…

I just want to find NEW game, not an existing, OK? Get it? Thanks…


Just play the game out then you can pick your character and perks for the next match. Unless of course you’d rather sit in menus…


Wow what a solution … even better than the real fix from the devs side. You are genius…

We don’t need to solve this problem, all we need to do is join losing game and then we have the right to play the new game, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!!!


Somehow I don’t think your impatience is TurtleRocks main priority right now? Specially when there’s people out there who have lost all progress…


People keep saying this. It doesn’t work. Support is my number 1 preference, I join a game in progress as Hank (yay, got my role) and stick it out thinking I will finally be able to play Cabot, my favourite, next round. Nope, next round I am booted from the Support position and put as the monster so a new guy just joining can play support. What the fuck? Shouldn’t I get priority for being in the lobby longer?

Matchmaking sucks, stop licking the devs asses denying it ffs. Fed up of playing Hank and Maggie without getting a choice, it’s complete bullshit.


When the games been out less than a week complaints such as the above is just beyond impatient (have you seen halo?) As for saying I’m brown nosing. Is that some sort of alto ego you’ve got going on when your behind a keyboard? Or do you always like to play the big man?


Is providing useless advice whilst you’re behind a keyboard a part of your alter ego? The MM needs fixing and that’s all there is to it. Yes, the game is brand new, perfect time to complain and give feedback, the sooner we bitch, the sooner it gets fixed.


Staying in a lobby and not disconnecting every time you don’t get first choice is bad advice even though you could try swap class with someone? I’m pretty sure its the only solution right now…

Well apart from disconnecting every time. Waiting a minute to get into another game and annoying people in the progress. Or you could even go ahead and rant about it on the forums.

Just add people on LFG who don’t play your role.

Or try going outside?


I don’t know any two story ugly bastards outside I can gang up on, so I have to play this bullying simulator instead.

Also, nobody wants to switch after they spent just as long as you did trying to get it.






Much as I like the game, there is no denying that matchmaking is not on par with the overall quality of the game.

Saying that the game is one week old can only get you so far when you consider the huge alphas and betas they made. This is not a glitch that went unnoticed but a design choice.

Jumping into an existing game is an option in team shooters where you can respawn without penalties and are playing as part of a team (ie. CS), but I can’t say I am thrilled at the idea of joining a game with a multiple striked character or a heavily damaged monster.

I would at least appreciate if they put a limit on the kind of game you can be dropped in (no more than 1 strike/x bars of permanent damage and X minutes of game spent). Starting every gaming session with a shitty experience is NOT the way to go!

As a counterpart, I feel they should increase the leaver’s penalty. One minute is a joke. It could also increase the more games you dodge, so that an accidental disconnect is ok, but chain leaves are not. On the flipside, that would require improved role attribution so that players don’t get frustrated and can play their favored classes more often.


This. Leaving penalty should go up, I agree, but only AFTER they fix the MM. Once it’s working right people will not have an excuse to leave, but as it is right now, leaving is all you can do when you get fed up of getting stuck with hank 5 games in a row without a choice.


In my opinion, you are too high and mighty. First off, joining a game and losing that game does not give you a loss for the leaderboards. However, if you win, you will get a win.

Just because the hunters have a ton of strikes doesn’t mean the monster is not about to die himself. With teamwork, you can still pull off some amazing things. Besides, if its really that bad, then the game will be over in less than a minute anyway.

But one could be considerate of others and realize that people playing in multi-player modes want to play with other people and not bots. One could swallow their pride, and give their best effort at an auto assigned roll. They could then improve their skill with said character, they could communicate with their team to find out info, such as what monster are we hunting, what stage and maybe do we have a Laz healer so I know not to rez people if they go down.

Its just being selfish to not finish a game with people that may very well give you the specific role you want on the next match. But you know, AMERICA! and all, so freedom to be as selfish and bitchy as you wish.


Eh it doesn’t bother me too much I stay if the game just started and no one has down penalties


Your luck must suck. I never get worse than my second choice.


Get like, a few 100 thousand or more people to play this game, and they could probably change it so you always get a new game as well as always get the role you want, or have an option to enable that type of search and still have you get a game in a reasonable amount of time.

Though I have been thinking, it would help their player base a lot if they had supported crossplatform, that might raise the player cap enough to make those changes… but is it too late to make a game crossplatform?


Yes please, joining existing games sucks so bad.


There are many threads with this same subject, but I really am agree with them. Game experience is really getting worse when you’re always kicked in a bot without letting you select your favorite character and perk. Not to say when you are connected in a bot that is being smashed, or directly down with the silly pistol on his/her hand… So frustrating when you are redirected to a started game as monster being domed and with half of your T1 HP. But worst (this happened 2 times today) logged as monster, freezing game at loading map and de-freezed with your monster (don’t like so much playing with them, but in PS4 is the ONLY bot free at all of the games I lastly play) at the starting point standing and watching as hunters land is its head while you are freezed on your loading screen. Result? You can take control of your monster at the right time to see it dying and giving hunters a 1:30 minutes win game.
Some of you say, wait till the next game to start and this way you can select your character, perk and whatever. But playing on Evacuation most of the times when the main game finish, if it was an unbalanced one, most of the players just quit living you again to a new matchmaking and kicking you again in a started game. This usually gets in a non stop circle of playing the monster you don’t like with unknown skills and perk, or any of the T1 hunters without your favorite (and upgraded) perk…

Yeah… game need so other serious improvements, but this one is really killing many people “playing mood” on Evolve.


Well, since the game can shamelessly launch a match without the lobby being full, I’d say the first step would be to fix THAT. Had three guys who left at the end of a match (regular leave while they had the option, not ninja drop) and ended up with a random dude and 3 empty slots on the lobby.

Game proceeded to launch just for us two! granted the game was filled briefly with three new players, but this kind of situation makes no sense. Why not wait a few seconds (that is exactly what it would have taken) to fill the lobby rather than launch a game with bots and force three players to assume control of them?