Exhausting hype


I’m so tired.
I get up,turn on the forums.
Sit on the forums.
Work for 5 minutes.
Go back to the forums.
Nothing’s going on on the forums?Reading older,slower topics.
Work for 20 minutes.
Check the forums. Nothing on the forums? Stay anyway and wait for new notifications.
If I try to play something I keep thinking of Evolve and I still alt+tab every five minutes to check the forums.
If I wake up too early I can’t go back to sleep and I go check the forums.
When I eat I watch my beta footage and check the forums every 5 minutes.

I’m so exhausted.
This is literally bad for my health.
And I’m so sad I can’t play Evolve yet.

Going to sleep. Will probably think and then dream about Evolve.

Wish me a good 8 hours of it.

Anyone with similar problem? Feel free to vent here like I do.


me too… I’m dying


Its always in the back of my mind, its honestly like parents putting a limit on the candy their kids can eat on halloween


Since I got into it I cannot go a day without thinking it, it is like forbidden love right now that is how painful it is getting to not be able to play evolve.


That’s relatable for me.


I go to work and the first thing I do is boot up my office’s laptop to put TRS’ forum page up. Between customers and tasks, I show up here and check what happened during that time.

It’s very depressing when I come back and there’s absolutely nothing. ;~;


I… I wake up in the morning and I think she’ll be there. But she isn’t, God, she never is. Steam grows old and weary without the energy she instills in the world. Why did she have to leave? God dammit, how hard is it just to exist? Why did she go? I have been good and loyal and faithful. I have followed her with every waking hour and at every setting sun. I have cared for her, coveted her, give a place above all others, and then… She left. Why did she go?

Why does everything I love go away?


That is the thing that bothers me most about the forums, I know I do not post much but I do enjoy reading about other peoples ideas and experiences and I get a little upset when I come on to see there is nothing new posted. That being said though I tend to only go on the pages that mention hunters or general talk tbh.


This honestly sounds like a dogs thoughts.


It’s just the weekend. Less posting happens. During the weekdays there is usually enough going on. But today (Sat. for me) usually has little in the way of forums. That being said, Less than a month! We are in the final hours :slight_smile:


I feel the same… Soon… Soon.


Dark Mesa. Could also mean Black Mesa. 3 words that start with S. Soon. Half Life 3 coming Soon confirmed!


I can neither confirm nor deny the conspiracy.


Well spoken laddy.


I spent all weekend asides from maybe 2 or 3 hours playing the game (Had to eat and do a tiny bit of homework) That has been enough to get me through at least till right now (I am slowly starting to get on the forums more and more again though :stuck_out_tongue:)


@Time_stops_now We are stuck in the same rut!
If I am not talking about Evolve, I am on the forums. If I am not on the forums, I am on twitch watching someone play Evolve. If I am not on twitch, I am thinking of Evolve.

I don’t even want to play any of the games I have… I would rather just hop online to read more about Evolve or watch my recorded game play.


This is literally my life. Except cross out the parts about working. (Tfw I need a job)

TRS, make a neat little Evolve flash game spin-off. The time must go by faster <_>


Yeah. Little over two weeks left. It’s been such a wild ride.


Me too man, no doubt about it.

I’m dreading the release though. I didn’t get much food or sleep during the weekend of the Beta (Big Alpha much the same). I don’t hope I end up like that at Launch…
But… This… Game… Gaarh! …So much fun! Can’t stop thinking about it! D:


The things I am dreading about launch are just the thoughts going through my head that I might lose my first match. I know that someone has to lose in this game but I just do not want my first match on the ‘real’ evolve (I am just using real as a term to say it is not beta or anything, could not think of a better word to use).