Exclusive skins for participating in ranked play please

  1. Don’t just show the default skins on the character lock in screen and the flashy “monster vs hunter” screen before a match begins --> Show the custom skins that players choose on these screens!

  2. Custom skins for participating in ranked play. examples:
    a) weapon skin for finishing placement matches
    b) monster/hunter skin for achieving silver or gold rank

Please do what you can to get people involved in ranked play. I think ranked mode can really be awesome with enough people playing in it. Also, I remember reading in the patch notes that TRS made some changes to the ranked matchmaking algorithm. I don’t know if you guys augmented it to incorporate individual hunter performance metrics, but I hope that you did.


Do like this.

Do not like this.
I don’t agree with having skins be “Skill-barred”, because its not what the ranking system is about. Its not about grinding your way up the ladder, its about finding the skill level where you win some, but lose some. Play with people that will give you fair matches. So for the high level people, like ESL and junk, that will more than likely make gold, its just a free skin. For the people that are bronze in skill level? Its kinda just.
"Oh…must be nice."
But like I said. First idea is great, since its achievable by everyone. Second? Ehhh.


EDIT!! The follow information is helpful for maintaining a high playerbase and keeping people active and in your game.

The idea was influenced by what they do in Path of Exile. They have races and also special rewards for completing certain achievements. For example in POE’s current league, Prophecy, if you complete 12/40 challenges you get a minor cosmetic effect, if you complete 24/40 challenges, you get a pretty cool weapon cosmetic effect, and if you complete 36/40 challenges, you get a pet monkey.

These challenges can be hard to achieve, but if you get them done, you have this cool little pet that is only obtainable by completing the challenges. So it’s kind of like a badge of honor.


Difference is in execution.
See, Path of Exile is by completing challenges. So more than likely, anyone is able to do it, with enough time/practice. However, Evolve is through PvP, its not so much a challenge as a test of skill. Say you have Player 1, and Player 2.
Player 1 is ESL level monster. Player 2 is the random casual that just so happens to enjoy monster. Player 1 completely roflstomps everyone, competes with other ESL members, and gets placed in gold. He gets a free skin simply because hes better.
Player 2? Hes nothing special, hes sporting a 50% win ratio with monster, enjoys just messing around with his friends. He gets placed in, iunno, low silver. And thats where he has to stop. He simply isn’t good enough to fight the ESL players that Player 1 is capable of fighting, so he ends up frustrated that content is locked away from him, simply because hes not as good. Bad business.


Yes I know what you’re saying. It’s literally impossible for EVERYONE to reach gold rank, or even silver or whatever rank. So by making some skins only accessible via achieving those ranks, some players will not access those skins.

To be fair though, this is very similar to the situation in POE. It’s expected that only the most hardcore players are going to get the monkey. Even though POE is a player versus AI game, very many players will not achieve 36/40 challenges. I have 575 hours logged into that game and I am at the end game. I only have 33/40 challenges and I am not going to bother trying to get three more challenges because it’s …well it’s HARD!

It’s supposed to be hard. Having that special cosmetic reward is like a badge of honor. It’s a way to showcase your achievement. You know how people love racking up massive winstreaks in Evolve? It’s a way for them to show off how good they are at the game. Giving them special skins at various tiers, similar to POE. For example: a minor skin for finishing placement matches, a medium level cosmetic reward for doing something like finishing 50 ranked games, and a major cosmetic reward for achieving gold rank… is a way to reward players for both playing the game, and trying to get better. And it gives the best players a reward that allows them to have a badge of honor (beyond just having the golden emblem near their name).


I don’t think you actually know what he’s saying. I think you think you do, but I don’t think you do.

See, rank isn’t a challenge. It’s not a test, it’s not something to be beaten except by legitimately getting better. Achievements can be gotten through repetition and memorization, which is simply mimetic skill. Copying over and over, using the equivalent of gamer muscle-memory to get through it. Trial and error. Something nearly everyone on the planet is capable of, regardless of legitimate skill. Ranked play is nothing like that. Nothing at all.

Ranked play shows you what you can do, it places you at your limitations. It’s a place where you can generally enjoy the game the most while also maintaining the challenge of the game. I can beat all the Halo games (except 5 because I haven’t touched that one yet) on Legendary solo with no deaths and a few of the skulls on, yet the first tourney I entered, I got slaughtered like I had just picked up the game that day and haven’t been playing for ~12 years (which I have been). If I were to be ranked based on skill, I’d be pretty low and likely never move, but if you were to put me in front of achievements, I’d get them in 3 days because it’s a totally different concept.

TL;DR-- Ranked should never close off ANY content, because it’s NOT always achievable for everyone, no matter how hard they try.


Exactly. It’d encourage people to just get better. What’s wrong with rewarding players that push themselves to be good?


Nothing, except the things they’d have to do to be rewarded. I could likely never get to Gold rank. Seriously. I couldn’t do it. But if you were to lock content behind that gate, I’d never be able to reach it and that would be really shitty.

I love the concept of rewarding players that improve themselves, but locking behind rank is not the way to do it because there are people (like myself) that would never get to it.


I mean… This is gonna sound harsh, but… I’m pretty ok with that. When I played ranked League, I knew I’d never be a really good player, and even now in Hearthstone there are rewards I can’t get because I’m just honestly not all that good. Even when I copy the way really good players play, I just can’t do it the same way. I try and try and try, and I just can’t. I get where you’re coming from, it just doesn’t have the same affect.

I don’t think, “Oh, that’s shitty, change the system,” I think, “Oh, I guess I just don’t deserve those rewards.” And I don’t. Doesn’t mean I want to get rid of them. I think they’re awesome. And I’ve advocated for this for this game, too - I really want ranked seasons and rewards. I feel like it would give me a lot more incentive to keep getting better.


Yeah, ranked isn’t about achievement at all, it’s about facing peeps at your rank. I’m all for skins for participating in ranked, but I would just do it on a ge count. 200 ranked matches total, get a skin. Simple, doesn’t alienate people.

Ranked seasons also make no sense to me since ranked isn’t competition. If they did some kind of actual ladder system then I’d be ok with them making rewards for achievement as that is what competition is about.


That’s actually a really good idea. Simply rewarding people for completing x amount of ranked matches is going to get a lot of people involved, and no one will feel left out. Achieving golden rank is sort of a reward within itself. So I would be okay if the devs used your idea, @niaccurshi instead of my idea of gating a reward for those who achieve a certain rank.

I just want more people to play ranked so we can achieve more balanced gameplay in Evolve.




You’re right it sounds harsh lol

I do understand the viewpoint, though. Rewarding people for their effort or skill. Sounds like a good thing, really. But that’s never been what Evolve was about. Not really about being ranked #1 in the world. It’s about ensuring that you always find a match that’s of the appropriate level of difficulty against opponents that are as good as you.

The reward from ranked was always simply a better experience with the game, and that was incentive for a lot of people in the beginning. Changing that now would frankly be insulting to a lot of us.

Also, it would be really unfair right now. Practically ALL Founders would be ranked highly simply because of our past experience.

Nia had a good idea, though. Rewards based on ability within your skill group, or based on wins.


It’s not. It’s competitive, sure, but there is no distinct winner of all ranked play. It’s playing a game with people that are your level of skill. Winning feels good, but ranked has always been about being able to enjoy the game win or lose.


If someone jumps in here and power trips on this thread because these guys are debating over what “ranked play” actually is… just please don’t.


So I think I’m gonna bow out here, because I apparently have an entirely different and distinctive interpretation of what “ranked” means and what competitive is.

The last point I’ll make is that I want a competitive mode because we have one that isn’t already - quickplay. I see nothing wrong with rewarding people for succeeding in competition. I mean, should tournaments stop existing because only the best team can get the money? I know a tournament and competitive ranked aren’t the same, but it’s the same concept. To me, it’s supposed to be a competitive, “try to win against people that’ll give you a challenge” type of game mode.


The subject of what Evolve can have in terms of a competition/competitve mode is entirely seperate to what ranked is. I don’t disagree with the need or place for a competitive move, but ranked isn’t it :slight_smile:


It depends on how you look at ranked. I look at it as a constant improvement. Best way to improve is to find people at your skill level or slightly above your skill level.

I personally think quick play needs a loose MMR system as well but that’s just me.


This has devolved into arguments over two separate mindsets on how skins and stuff are perceived.

One side is saying it is content, another is arguing it is a badge of honor.

Neither is wrong, but neither is exclusively right.

Its not Legit content in the way of locking off an entire new hunter or monster strictly to being a reward to only people who can place in Gold. But its not just some piddly little thing.

But that is how it is SUPPOSED to work. Cosmetics gained from playing PvP in a ranked scenario, are supposed to inspire envy, and thereby push a person to their limits, and potentially beyond, learning from past mistakes and upcoming accomplishments to become a better player. With enough experience, time, patience and help, ANYONE can become good enough to place Gold, it just requires ALL of those. Simple as that.

On the matter at hand, I completely agree with the thought that it would be awesome to see some ranked play cosmetics. Exactly as said too. Weapons or something universal across all characters, like a ‘badge’ slot or something.Then add some really bad ass Badge item for ranking high enough, and each new tier could be a new variant of that badge. Like Rank Bronze is like Halo’s low level Difficulty icon, then Rank Silver gets a dagger, Rank Gold gets both daggers on it, then Rank Plat (or whatever the correlation is to this) Gets the skull. You know, something to denote, without detracting.

I would honest to god drool over that shit. Goliath already looks a bit like Godzilla, just add some alterations to his color scheme, bingobangobongo done.


If Ranked worked in a ladder progression system and not a placement system then I would love to have ranked skins.

All someone has to do is get a good team of 4 and abuse comps and stuff to ranked gold. If players could at least work their way up to gold then everyone has a chance to earn it.

As it stands, Ranked is only a fair way to match people with the same skill rating. Not much level changes will be made, so farming for gold will be too toxic.