Exclusive Savage goliath skin not so exclusive


I pre ordered Evolve for a few reasons. The first reason was to get the game as soon as it came out so I could play it as fast as possible. The second reason was to have the fourth monster for free as soon as that came out and I’m really happy to can play Behemoth without having to pay an extra 15 bucks. but lastly and this is where I’m very disappointed about. I also pre ordered Evolve to get the exclusive goliath skin. I wanted this skin so I could have something that not everyone player has, to have something ‘special’. but a while ago the so called EXCLUSIVE goliath skin which was only availlable through pre ordering the game is just availlable in the store. why bother saying you’re giving players a so called exclusive when your bringing it to the rest of the community a few months later? I’m really disappointed in turtle rock. =(


Everything has been mentioned as being a timed exclusive. There has never been anything that is console/pre-purchase exclusive.


No only savage kraken and wraith are in the store goliath is nut


He is, he is a bit more expencive but he still is for sale.


hmmm, my bad than i guess. but I’m still very sad now. T_T


Look at it this way, they have to pay money for it :stuck_out_tongue: you get that smexy Goliath skin fo freeeeee


hahaha, that’s so true =D


Most preorder bonuses eventually make it to the store. It usually just means you get it first and for free just like in this instance.


Have you ever played a game post-release and seen something that was absolutely perfect? Like a gun that looked perfect for your playstyle, or a skin that was perfect for your character theme? And then you found out that it was pre-order exclusive and you would never, ever be able to get it. From that point on your character doesn’t feel complete.

I know it is just a skin, but imagine being a Goliath main and feeling like the Savage skin suits you more than any other and not being able to get it just because your friends told you about Evolve after release. This is why the devs wanted exclusives in this game to only ever be limited-time exclusives.

I’d rather everyone be able to get want they want then feel like a special snowflake.


If you have bought Monster Race, okay fine - you have paid hundred bucks. Paying sixty bucks and saying you wanted something to be yours forever? Come on, that’s not cool man.

I’m running Monster Race and I wish those skins weren’t exclusive so everyone who wants to get those skins right now will be able to be happy. But nooo, someone should always brag about their exclusive skins…


As above, it was never said to be an Exclusive, and considering you got it and the other Monster skins as part of the season pass, that alone would have told you.

Only Pre-order bonus was Behemoth.


The season pass only gave you the magma skins I think. =)


There’s always the Golden Exclusive skins.


Oke Oke, i get it people. apparently it was not right for me to be disappointed. And i admit if it was an exclusive it would have been a bit unfair, but damn all the hate…


We can safely lock this one here then.

Let’s prevent all the hate happening… :wink: