Exclusive Emblems for beating a TRS team?


During the stream today @DamJess said that they were looking at starting challenges between the best TRS players and the community :grinning: . I think it would be neat if a winning team could get an exclusive emblem foreground or background to show off that they beat the devs in a challenge when they play against other people.

What do other people think? Would there be something else that would be preferred as a reward? Hoodies were mentioned on the stream and skins might be cool. However, I think those would take up a lot more time and resources from the dev team than the emblems and I’d personally prefer them working on Behemoth, the next hunter tier, balancing, or bugs instead :wink:

If you do like the idea, are there any emblems that you think would make an awesome foreground or background? Do you think they should be different if you won as a monster or as a hunter? Even hunter class?

Playing the TRS Dev team
Playing the TRS Dev team

In game rewards wouldn’t be fair because not everyone would get an opportunity to win them. Imagine you thought of this marvelous reward, but you never got a chance to play against the devs. :cry:


That would really be cool. Imagine being able to customize it and get a really awesome customized emblem. But that would take a long time to make.


I can see the sentiment with some people not getting the opportunity to get them. However, is this because a person would never run into them and can’t seem to match make against them due to RNG or because they would be hard to beat? Based on the stream, I was taking it that you could challenge the devs (maybe through the forums), they accept, and you win then you’d get the emblem. This would make it so it’s not a random chance. However, if it’s down to skill then I think it would be a nice reward for the people that won and they deserve it.

That would be cool :grin: , but I agree it would take a lot of time. I’m going to change my post to reflect this and I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. Basically, I was wondering if it would be great if everyone that won got the same emblem. Like if I won as a hunter I got the hunter logo mixed with the TRS logo as the foreground so that everyone I played against knew that I won against the dev team in a challenge. Within that there could be permutations, so a monster win might get a different emblem than a hunter win. Hopefully that clears things up a bit :sweat:


Oh, I understand now.


In theory it sounds cool, but exclusivity brings out ugly discussions. I think it would be cool, however, once the game launches the Devs won’t have tons of time to play with people as much as I’m sure they would like to. It’s not like 2K/TRS can pay their salary playing games with the community forever. While cool in theory, I don’t think it would be practical.


@MaddCow Maybe they could do a Monthly Challenge. Each month they get a new emblem, and if you play as Hunter and win, you get a Hunter badge. Etc.


Blech, that means if I want to be cool I would have to rechallenge each month. No thanks. One would be enough IF I agreed that it would warrant it. However, I feel that just playing them is good enough tbh :slight_smile: They are pretty cool people.


@MaddCow I have actually not watched the livestream or anything like that. So I haven’t seen them play or anything.


They are pretty cool. Kind of like the guys/girls you would hang out with at a club/bar/whatever just hanging out and talking. Very down to earth.


@MaddCow Oh cool. I’d love to meet them.


Yeah, totally understandable. I think it does depend on how they want to do the challenges or if it would be a random thing right? If it’s like, once a week or month, someone gets to challenge them from a forum thread then I think it’s a doable thing time wise.

However, it does seem like the main problem is how the community would feel about exclusivity itself. Which I suppose I’m getting the answer to here. Strangely, it seems as though everyone on this thread looks like they like it, there are only 4 people so it’s a small population, but are worried about the community as a whole. I suppose that depends on how many people want it and what guidelines TRS puts up to let a person get it. Do we think that having stricter requirements to get a challenge might help (i.e. lvl 40, elite skin for who you’re using, etc.)?

Basically, I understand the concerns but if we like the idea then I think it would be nice to talk about if we feel we could get it to work first. And really, if we don’t think we can then that’s totally cool . . . it’ll make me sad though :sob:

That is pretty sweet and I think Monthly would be a nice time stamp. I can’t talk for the developers but I feel like it seems doable. As for changing the emblem every month, that would tie up an artist every month and @MaddCow brought up a good point. Especially if people want to catch them all then it would be difficult. Not to mention they would probably only be able to accept a couple matches per month. However, I think it would be totally fine if they just made one challenge emblem for hunters and one challenge emblem for monster but then called it at that. At most, maybe switching it up yearly.


@343guiltygamer Maybe they could have just some concept art of the monsters and made into badges. Maybe just an outline of a Wraith and different poses of each monster. So, Behemoth could be eating, rolling, or just standing.


If you want to get a taste of what the devs are like you can check out maniacsquirell and evolvegame on twitch!

Maniacsquirell is a character artist on the team and he’ll typically talk balance and strategies. He also tends to play with other team members in QA, Art, etc. He’s really good :smiley: He has some archived footage if you’re interested.

Evolvegame is the official streaming channel and features more of the 2K people that work with TRS. It appears every Friday @ 3PM but all the streams are archived on twitch and youtube. They just had one where a streamer challenged them so they got their best team together, expect that to be watchable in an archive on Monday.

Although, now that I bring that up a good point to figure out would be how fair the challenges would be between streamers and active people in the community. For-instance, if it’s a monthly thing would streamers get precedence and how would they filter? It might be interesting if they opened up a poll through the month and you could nominate yourself to represent the community for that month.

Also, the concept art could be pretty sweet on a foreground. Then you could change the color just like all the other logos. I’m sure that would be easier for them too!

Although if they were to give out a hunter reward do people think the planet tamer skull that cabot has on his patch would be sweet?


Maybe, they should give that badge to the people who played as support. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Totally! It seems plausible; however, I do think it would be nice to just give to all the hunters. I suppose it depends on if they have the resources to make a cool badge to every class.


I wouldn’t. I am an Assault dude.


Just edited my reply after thinking about it some more.

Man dude that felt like a bait and switch, totally thought the first comment meant you like support : :open_mouth:


I was confused if I was hallucinating or i was reading another post. I was like Wha?


Yeah, sorry man. I just finished editing it when you posted :persevere: