Excessively aggressive predators

Ok, so since a few days ago, I’ve been encountering some predators that seem to be way too aggressive. By this I mean that they’ve chased me for about 200m from their initial location. Normally I wouldn’t think too much on this, but the distances that the predator chases feels wayyyyyy out of character. I know they chase you for a distance to force you out of their ‘turf’, but these kept on chasing when they weren’t under attack and were just being left alone after being disturbed. I have two such cases, and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of bug affecting their behaviour.

Case 1 - Barracks (Nomad)

The first one was a nomad which spawned at the venom hounds spawn below the platform area by the relay. I know this as I rushed by there as soon as we dropped down, and I saw the elite nomad there. On chasing the monster, I cut past the nomad and continued around the left side of the platform (when facing the relay from the platform), and continued up the hill. The nomad proceeded to follow me up there [see map below].

Red X - Nomad location
Blue line - Route taken by myself (and the nomad chasing me)
Purple X - Location I finally had enough and killed the nomad

Case 2 - Broken Hill Mines (Dune Beetle)

Dune beetle followed and attacked me for a good long distance (roughly 1/3 of the circumference of the most inner circle from the centre)

Yellow X as the start point.

[This is a rough estimate, as I couldn’t tell the actual distance due to the mines being very similar in appearance in areas.]

The dune beetle one may be a bit iffy, but with the nomad occuring it made me really question if there’s perhaps something wrong with the behaviour of some of the predators/wildlife. Not sure if this is something that can be checked…

EDIT: Changed from Bugs -> General. Satisfied for now that Nomads and Beetles are just giant assholes (although we all knew that about the beetles )


If it’s a bug, I like it. I enjoy the game being hard sometimes. ^.^


I hear ya, sometimes the wildlife is SO aggressive. Normally it’s the freaking Dune Beetles that do NOT get off my rear, despite going up and down Terrain, they’ll come charging out of the woodwork 30 seconds later coming at me >:(

Nomads are annoying, but I don’t usally have one chase me THAT far O.o

Still, as @Shin mentioned (Damn ninja) I don’t HATE that in the literal sense. Sometimes Mother Shear needs to smack you down a rung or two for thinking you’re above her inhabitants :stuck_out_tongue:

Mm, Shear is supposed to be deadly. As players, we apparently feel safe on this world while hunting the monsters.
Be glad I don’t design the wildlife in this game, they’d be ridiculously annoying. Not deadly, but they’d sure as hell make you think about where you are more often. Bats in the caves chasing down the monsters/hunters, wasp like creatures in the plant areas, etc.

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Yeah, but a nomad does a lot of damage with one kick. Being kicked whilst you’re trying to chase down the monster forces you to use your shields or jetpacks (assuming medic is elsewhere like they were this time), and they also kind of stun you a little :frowning:

I’m not complaining that they are too much usually, but if there’s a bug that occurs randomly allowing predators to escape their little area… I can imagine a tyrant chasing you for a good 100m giving you hell and such… pack of reavers… blitzlepoards… Fighting within a dome where there’s predators is one thing. When powerful predators from nearby also chase you down into the area, that can become easily overwhelming. I’ve had 2 nomads in a dome before (not in some buggy way, but they were just spawned close together and we domed without seeing them) and it unleashes hell…

I just figured I’d mention it if it’s a bug. I don’t know if they’re supposed to come that far, but I’ve not ever seen such a thing before. It’s not like it ruined the game, but it’s still odd. I’ve seen someone else complain about excessively aggressive wildlife (in the G4E cup twitch chat last night), and with the dune beetle thing today I just thought why not…

I always felt that Blitzleopards should follow you long after you leave their area, just stalking you, then sprint in after when you engage something else and are distracted. Things like that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had Tyrants come 20-30 meters to get me… I love it when that happens.

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I’m inclined to vote we do this. :wink:
Could you imagine though? It’d be terrible for the community numbers. People would be pissed at the wildlife too much.

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Dune Beetles will not stop chasing you until you change elevation. Very few exceptions to this rule. I thought Nomads were less aggressive though.

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Nomads are more evil than they seem.


We can dream though! I mean don’t get me wrong, Shear’s wildlife is no joke already (Especially if you get the example @xTr1ckOrTr3atx gave, where you get multiple large wildlife within the dome) , but they all sort of do the same thng when you take a step back and look at them; mindlessly move towards you and /attack, maybe with a special attack for medium+ sized things, albeit only temporarily before just spamming autoattack :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it would be TOO ridiculous though, if many things didn’t do damage-until-freed mecahanics, but simply diversionary/time consuming ones. Take the Blitzers for example, take out bulk the damage but double the length to ‘fight em off’, and you could have a Reaver Pack Special (3+ leaping and hanging off of you, as your Hunter fights em off) right there that makes them more than just ‘Freakin’ Reaver gtfo my way!’

Fun to think about, nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

If the community was larger, I’d totally be up for another game mode that had aggressive wildlife on at all times. ^.^

Those are the 2 that I found, will always chase you when you are within x meters of them. Changing elevation only works if there is not a flat area they can path to you. But otherwise, they will only stop when you are x meters from them. How far? I do not know exactly, but seems to be more than 1 golaiths leap distance away…

Hmm, I guess people better start running when the giant bloodthirsty wildlife is hunting them.

I don’t think it’s a bug…Nomads and Dune Beetles are just horrible, horrible creatures. :stuck_out_tongue: A Dune Beeele once chased me halfway around the Dam to kill me as I rushed to shoot the monster off the relay…


Lovely Dune Beetles, everyone loves them on some level. :wink:

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That one by the top dump truck, I ran by, jumped down the hole to the river and ran to the relay, as I got there I found that same dune beetle gingerly walking, not running down the stairs, once he got to the bottom he took of and came charging right at us.

They can use stairs, it’s only a matter of time before they learn to open doors…


Oh god, I hate when Nomads or dune Beetles start chasing you and then they camp your body :expressionless:

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And that moment when you see a Dune Beetle on a high ledge and you’re all like “HOW?” and then it attacks… :cry:



Found the clip.

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