So the score was 3-1 an everything was ok until I died on Defend making the final score 3-2 . Explain to me why the hunters still won when score was clearly in my favor. If that was the case we should’ve skip the first 4 rounds. I feel cheated. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Am I the only one that has a problem with this?


Maybe it was to do with how fast they won, saving more people? all fairness hell if I know I don’t know what was happening so I’m talking out my ass but it does seem the longer the monster is alive the lower the survivors or I could be completely wrong and the game just decided to screw you


They win in a sense of lore and campaign. But score wise you won. In Evacuation, as long as you win the 3 rounds you get the most XP which in technical terms, makes you win.

Defend is just the winner of the campaign.



Hunters won because even if you performed better throughout the days, you failed to prevent the humans from escaping Shear.

The whole goal of the mode is to either ensure the Survivors escape as Hunters, or prevent it as the Monsters. All previous days are just for XP and ‘How many could we get onto that ship in the first place’ bits.


It’s hard to take the information you learned about the Monsters with you if the ship never leaves, like how effective Scent Masking agent was, or research progress from what little survivors DID make it off… It’s a Lore Victory, is all.


I am not sure the hunters win in either of the ending scenes.


It makes it pretty clear the last round decides all. It isn’t a best of five but rather the finale of a campaign.


Hey now, if Hunters win, it fades to black… That could mean ANYTHING…

$5 says tier 4 Hunters swoop in and save them ala Jurassic Park 3 with that kid and the Raptor scene.

What? I can dream, right?!


Do away with the score board.