Example of a Win in under 4 minutes in "Hunt" as Kraken


Hi guys,
Check out my video on youtube for a win in “Hunt” mode in under 4 minutes! Genuine game, got trapped whilst evolving to stage 2 and a mistake by the hunters meant they went down fast and I capitalised on their error. Is this the fastest ever genuine win? Take a look and if you find a faster win let me know so I can add it to my Evolve playlist!

Kraken - MGC_Morph (me!)
Doctor - Jetpacksheep
Support - Absenthia
Trapper - Skogsmus
Assault - Skogsmyra

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No this is the not the fastest genuine game ever. I’ve won half a dozen matches online in full lobbies in under 3 minutes, as a monster and hunter. Fastest win as a trapper against a active player monster was (2:12), but we got lucky and the monster played into our hands. 4 minutes is fast however and a great game when you come out on top, Nice job!


Pics/Vid or it didn’t happen! I jest of course, I was obviously hoping it was the fastest but I guess one of the fastest is good enough for me :slight_smile: It was indeed a fun game, and shows that it just takes a little mistake by either side to swing the outcome of the game so wildly. I honestly thought I was a’gonna when I saw them attacking whilst I was evolving due to having no armour, but it just suddenly swung the other way.
Regardless, it was great fun, thanks for watching :slight_smile:


For sure, yeah I’ve had the same thing happen to me as Goliath at half hp and then the dropship countdown starts with no hunters in sight. Great feeling when you see that, but pretty much a free win by the mistakes of the hunters.


Wildlife op


@DRevD - sorry budski, I don’t understand what you mean?


I won in nest mode in 1:44 if we’re counting all game modes :stuck_out_tongue:


I won a hunt in under 2 minutes once.

The monster tried to ambush us from behind the moment we dropped down, without any armor or anything. We shredded it.


He was most probably going for achievement/s.

Anyway I myself won under 2mins in regular hunt, I was playing Abe and went in random direction to dart wildlife, used dart gun and guess what, accidentally shot goliath in random bush… domed and killed shortly after :smiley:


@Hydrawolf - I was only referring to Hunt mode, but I’ve no reason not to count others - thats a good score/time :smiley: well played!

@worksa10 - And he deserved it, he should watch my monster tutorial video on my youtube channel for sure! :wink:


I’ve had matches under 2 minutes a few times myself, but the fastest one I’ve seen was a Kraken wait at the drop site and kill everyone right there and then. Not a match I played though, just saw the video.


That would be cool to see :slight_smile: If you’ve got a link let me know. I’m trying to get up to 100 likes on my video (im only just starting out as a broadcaster) so any help from you all would be muchly appreciated!
If anyone ever wants to make a gameplay video with me, I’m ingame under the same name, MGC_Morph


I’ll see if I can find it again.


Found it. This dude cleaned house. Lol


Brilliant, thanks :smiley: Schooled!


Well if it isn’t alpha Kraken :smiley:


no worries chief, just commenting on how the hunters died to the wildlife


Ah I gotcha :slight_smile: Worked out well for me!


According to your video, the only way to win as a Kraken is “Noob Hunters” okay, got it.


I never said its the “only” way to win, it’s just a video OF a win, nothing more! I’ve already pointed out that they made the mistake, that I capitalised on it and got a win as a result, its just a bit of fun, thats all :slight_smile: