Ex-Ebonstar Solider Hunter?


Since the Ebonstar soldier seems to be fully working so far in terms of player control, do you think that it could be a new hunter in the future?

His/her background story could be that during the Evacuation his/her ship got shot down, and they were the only survivor. Now they have a personal vendetta against the monster due to the loss of his/her entire team.

I know that all characters are meant to be dlc, but seeing as that this character seems to already be somewhat in game, do you think it could be an unlockable? Something reached from completing a certain set of tasks? Or maybe in a new gamemode that could be added later on in Evacuation as a different variant of rescue, except you need to defend the soldier till they are able to make it to an pick up area?

Believe me, I know that characters are one of the few things that Evolve has as a way to continue to support the game, and I do want to see this game to continue to grow. But I do eventually hope to see Evolve reach a certain financial standpoint in which it can give new hunters/monsters for the community for free.


Don’t you know you can already play as him lmao.


It’s a glitch currently. He has no utility slot item (Mine/Toxic Grenade/Super Soldier), but behaves like an assault with a Chaingun and Auto Shotty? + Personal Shield I think.


Yup I faced him on my first stream of the full release. I got excited and initially thought I pwned a dev xD


Yeah, but since, like others have posted, he’s a glitch currently, they could add him later on into the game as an official hunter


I was just joking lol.