Evovle Resurrection


can u guys please bring this game back it is such a fun game send out more updates or make a 2nd one but this game was the best but then u guys stoped updating it and it died off please bring this game back to life


TRS no longer has control Evolve, 2K pulled the plug and took Evolve in-house. You should be speaking to them.


But fair warning they won’t care


danm 2k needs to give them the rights cause if they are not going to do anthing with it then someone can


TRS has already moved onto other projects, namely the VR games and Dark Fantasy co-op game they are making.
Evolve was fun, but from a business perspective it isn’t worthwhile, otherwise we’d be seeing more of it.


Yeah evolve has pretty much run its course. At this point I wouldn’t mind there being a sequel, like watch dogs or destiny. For now ima wait for the next big game TRS throws out (in like 2 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I wonder what the in-house name for it is xD


We can only hope for a spiritual successor “Adaption” to come out lol


Or maybe an Emet army that I can lead. Healing buoys for dayzzzzzzzzz.


Pretty much everyone here feels the same way, buddy.


To continue, it’s just most of us have moved on because the nostalgia gets us right in the feels. That and most are transitioning over to excitement for TRS’s next IP.


Check Out Hunt: Showdown


I know someday, evolve will get spotted as a true gem… but god knows when.

Maybe they should introduce, the win-win system like dead by daylight. where last survivor/ able to escape…


I wanna see new updates to this game. New hunters plz and monsters more game modes too… i hate 2k screw them.


Me too, buddy…me too. But there’s no way to take away the game from 2K Games. It’s been a whole year since they have the rights but do nothing for it, I wonder in fact if 2K Games is a corrupted company because of that.

I too wish that Evolve could be developped again, but thinking of last year when this thread has been made…it stings my heart once again.