EVOVLE: Hunter Diffuclty/Tier Chart


Keep in mind this chart is based on my personal experience as of update 2.3.6 (PC) so this isn’t where they will be forever chances are they will move around as the hunters get tweak around.

edit: Probably should’ve swapped Sunny with Caira. because Sunny has an EZ mode item with her that doesn’t really require her to put any work into it while all there of Caira’s require her to aim or make an effort to time and used properly.

What do you guys think share the same opinion or are you calling BS on this? Leave a comment below or you can make your own chart by downloading the pictures on imgur. LINK


I’d put Parnell and griffin a bit further towards the top tier
Abe a bit to the right

Also, why does Laz have an afro


I put Griffin closer to the center because I think overall his a very balance trapper (minus is speddy reload speed), not strong as Maggie and Abe because he can’t really defend himself like Maggie and Abe. And also because his not as strong at stage 3 fights, if the monster focuses him. :laughing:

Because I feel like it and hopefully they’ll make it happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agree with u Magik_boom on the parnell and griffin towards the top tier. Laz should def be up near the top. If he’s played right, such as our teams laz, its deadly.
Azmi are u only on pc?


Hmm… not bad. The chart itself is beautiful! But I’m disagreeing with some of them.

Bucket is not easy to use, I mean, have you seen any threads about Bucket’s UAV being op? Because while it isn’t OP, it’s pretty good, but most people don’t know how to control it or that it recharge in time of being able to tag the monster before the first tag wear off. Of course, the turrets and his launcher is the weak part, so I’d move him sideways, to where you placed Slim.

Parnell isn’t weak, just hard to aim compared to Markov, should be moved up quite a bit.

I’d move Slim up to the middle. He is not bad, but he is no Caira either.

Hank is somewha simple to use, so I’d move him to where you Markov now. Cabot is even easier, but require a good aim. Exactly the same with Val.

Crow isn’t bad, he is about Abe level, even stronger while in combat. Griffin is not bad at all, keep in mind he got buffed and can now to some degree track sneaking monsters. And his harpoon is godsent.

Torvald seems to be pretty easy to use, but not quite Caira tier, probably closer to Sunny and Hyde.

Lazarus is not so viable in competetive, but in pubs I’d move him higher. Perhaps a bit over where you placed Val.

I think that was about it.


Yeah pretty much.

Overall I think Bucket use is pretty straight forward but a lot of people don’t know how to utilize them properly.

I do think he put him down too low now. XD

I think Sunny tier should be above Caira tier, because Sunny has an EZ mode item with her that doesn’t really require her to put any work into it while all there of Caira’s require her to aim or make an effort to time and used properly.


MrTalha you haven’t played the best laz team on esl yet have you? :stuck_out_tongue: Just takes a different team playstyle. If your on x1, you should play our team sometime and u might have some faith but your right on many things. Especially on the bucket comment.
You should also put Maggie on the top left and also hank should move left into Q1. I’m a griffin player but play Maggie competitively. That is just because of how easy she is to use.


Crow is bad + hard to use.

Where the hell do you people keep getting this from, I do not know. Just… too many people have told me that Crow sucks for all the wrong resons.

I feel like I should make a guide or something. This is unbearable.


It not that he sucks, it’s just that the other trappers are better. He’s close to Griffin right now. Strong at tracking and chasing but the weakest when it comes to defending his teammates and God forbid if the monster goes after him. At least with Grifin’s slow and passive tracking Griffin is able to protect his team by dead stopping a monster in its tracks.

They just fill different niches, niches that the meta isn’t really into right now. Like how most of agree Caira is the superior medic because of how she rewards bunching and aggressive play while with Val it will be a death sentence.


…Not really.

I’ll just write that guide.


please do, maybe it’ll stop the meta from gobi spamming and do something else more helpful. XD

You should definitely talk about how to manage a monster’s aggro since he can’t really make the monster go or stay where he wants them to like the other trappers can do. especially when monster is aggroing a teammate.


Well no, but now I’m VERY interested! I play a lot of Lazarus with my team, (I’m top 16 Lazarus #LeaderBoardMatter) so I know my part when it comes to Laz, but I have never seen a competetive Laz team. Caira is so easy to use and even better when you play her properly, that my team just beg for Caira when we are up against someone very skilled. Seems to be like that for everyone.

I’m on PC tough, so I can’t check you guys out. But do you stream/record? I’d love to watch you guys!


Sure will. I’ll just start with how people misunderstand the Rifle first though…


how do people misunderstand it?

If you’re making the guide right now maybe we should PM each other and get into some perspective what I’ve learned and how well to sync with the team.


Our monster records but we do stream on sundays. We do both the euro cup and Proving Grounds. We wont be doing either this weekend due to mothers day but will be the weekend after that. Our laz is only like 35th globally but we mainly play customs. If your interested our support will be streaming it that weekend, just send me a msg.


Caira is seriously on top of my EZ-mode list right now, in every single competetive play i see Caira Caira Caira, instead of Val which would require some actuall skill to carry your team to a win.
But no wonder, a character which has a gameplay depth of a rainpuddle and almost no requirement to switch gear and also has quadruple the healing potential than all the other medics combined. Of course the… ‘meta’ …tells you, the medic of your choice is Caira.

Next on the EZ-mode list is Sunny, i like her, i really enjoy playing an OP character and also like her loadout. The beam alone made it clear right from the start that she will be a real choice for competetive teams. Good players already dodge and chase very well, but the limited jetpack energy was always designed to be some sort of barrier. With the great addition of the jetpack boost this barrier is gone. It’s basically a jetpack buff in Hunter form, you can do those very important things twice as good and that scales even more with competent hunter teams who know all the dirty tricks. Then of course you have a nukelauncher with no knockback and a shield drone which requires on point play from the monster to abuse its weaknesses.


Dat afro dou


I think Sunny’s should be above Caira as she doesn’t really require that much effort to shield herself and her team. She just has to replace them if they get destroy and wait five seconds to recharge them.

I really don’t like playing Sunny. Even now. I’ve played a lot of monster and I really don’t want to put other people into what I’ve been through, this is a game with two sides. We should both aim to enjoy playing with one another as well as crushing the opposition.

It takes two to tango and 4v1 to EVOLVE.

It should be his ability. InvisiFro Cloak makes him temporarily invulnerable.


Best idea ever…of all time


Let’s just say Caira and Sunny are the current faceroll Hunters. Like you said, even after the nerf, i feel dirty playing as Sunny.