Evolving tree


So i had an Idea basicaly every time u Evolve you can choose in which direction u want to evolve like water abilites or fire and etc. . Something like a tree so players can choose their playstyle and change the game


I bet the devs already discussed this and did not like it.


The core game is staying as it is. They’re not gonna rip up important mechanics unfortunately.


I like it the way it is, play style helps you chose your monster


I like it too but playing all the time with 4 abilites it can become boring


I have played Evolve for 110 hours and I have as of yet to be bored. I could just be wonky though


I love the game just as it is as well. However, I would like to see some more branching skills or evolutions.


This was actually mentioned a while ago by the devs. The problem they had was that trying to balance that many amount of abilities was really hard, plus it made it even more time consuming to create a Monster.


Comprehensible. I hope one day they’ll find a model that is suitable for the game.