Evolving to tier 3 = committing suicide


evolving just opens the game up to a camp fest, and going to tier 3 makes you into a massive target for your enemy’s camp.


Actually, if you go up against a team that has no traps/mines/turrets, you really should go for stage 3.


stage 3 dmg from auto attacks and abilities go up , engouh to sometimes win without armor , just make sure you have a 10sec lead on the hunters , easy with the traversal speed of the current 3 monsters


Lets keep it clean fellas!


I don’t understand.What do you mean?That if you go stage 3 hunters have the advantage because they can set up traps at the relay etc?


yeah. there’s nothing harder to deal with than constant replenishment of mines on top of sentries and traps.

you can deal with a few rounds but after a while you’re draining the DPS you could put to your enemy.

the game mode is called hunt, not camp


IE fusion plant is unbalanced to hunters at tier 3, since you can mine entrances, stay on different levels, and abuse lame climbing mechanics (monsters can’t climb the reactor room walls becuase they have no roof to climb to, so your mobility is terrible in there, all hunters need to do is sit at different doors and wraith, goliath are totally screwed because they can’t get off the floor enough.


There can only be 5 mines /5 turrets /5 of everything.If i go Stage 3 i just win and don’t care anyway.

Honestly being Stage 3 nothing can stop you.Your skills and hits do like 50% of their life.Also mines/sentries etc can be destroyed.

The only time i won against a stage 3 Monster is because he only had 3 lifebars


ahhhhh so thats the problem , well its easy to destroy them as to set them up xD , flamebrath first before jumping , it dose have good range , shockwave? decoy ? all help clear a camp as you call it xD