Evolving, not being able to find a place to evolve


Please make it easier to evolve in a map, if i want to evolve next to a crockadile then let me. During the beta I got sick of seeing the message “More farther away from danger to evolve”. It litterally screwed me up several times when i lost the hunters and was able to evolve, only to be bloclked by this stupid message.

If anything atleast cut down its radius.


Its simple. Don’t evolve next to a Tyrant. e_e

How is this even a problem?..


I don’t remember that message. Hm. I must just be uninformed.

I never had any problems evolving where I wanted to.


Indeed, evolving next to incapped hunters doesn’t pop that message either.


you also get the message if you try and evolve near the, whatyamacallit thing you destroy in stage 3


I only saw a message that said “Move farther away from objects to evolve,” so you couldn’t evolve curled up against a wall and possibly glitch out. The wildlife one never popped up for me. Even if it is there, it’s a probably lesson to people to not evolve on top of aggressive wildlife and lose 1-2 bars of health in the process.


The only message i ever got was about evolving too near from a wall.But never had any other problem.But it makes sense not evolving next to a tyrant.Tyrants can attack you.If you evolve right in front of small wildlife pack that would attack you,once you get Stage 2 they start running away from you.So its good that it doesn’t allow you.If you were to evolve near a tyrant he could drop 2 of your health bars in those 10 seconds pretty easy


Well… i think it also pops up because since large wildlife occupy quite a large area of space it didn’t let u evolve.


I never evolved next to the big wildlife unless it was already dead and ready to be served as armor. I just often tried to evolve in a bush or against a cliff and it told me to move away from the surface.


Indeed, but i was talking about while they are ALIVE, when they are dead they have like no physics, so you can even hide inside them :smiley:


I’ve never had a danger message, just a message for being too close to a wall. I’ve even happily evolved next to power relays.


yea that message too, maybe i was to close to walls or something, but i got it A LOT…


I never received that message. :frowning:

I got the “you are too close to other objects you fatty” message a lot, but not one about “danger” (will robinson!)


Behemoth will probably get that a lot. The way you put it made me imagine Behemoth rolling away, crying. Imagine finding him eating mammoth birds for comfort.


i can remember much about the message except that i couldnt evolve, it was anoying.

wish the game was out id be able to test out u guys ideas/theories


Thank you for this : ) it made me smile.


Thank you for the anti-decoy harpoon idea with Griffin!


I’ve evolved next to the relay multiple times, and seen it multiple times.


I’ve seen people Evolve in the middle of a fight with all four Hunters in the Dome on half health. There is no “move away from danger to evolve” message.


Simple Fix: Stop evolving near dangerous wildlife silly!
If you really need to evolve near a tyrant, then evolve near it on a cliff.