Evolving from a Stage 2 Player to a Legacy Player- a Guide


How large is legacy evolve? I got a key recently and I have 58 GB free but I can’t install even stage 2, which the steam store says is 25 GB. (edit: it says that it’s 61.4 GB. I’m going to have to uninstall a few games)


Short version…

Legacy Evolve is Dark Souls and Stage 2 is Skyrim.

Prepare to “Git Gud” or die a lot…


Can confirm this to be true ^


Honestly, and I’ve said this before a few times, had Stage 2 been released first as the “Tutorial Game” and Legacy released as the “Hardcore” version of the game it might have come out differently in terms of popularity.

How well that would have worked out balance wise and resources and blah blah blah I dunno really, but you have to admit… given the current scenario, it might not have been a bad idea.