Evolving Evolve Oculus Rift IMAX Xbox ONE ST1080 HMD Zeiss VR ONE Mobile Cloud VR


I finished my first article on augmenting evolve , from Alpha to Beta… http://tinyurl.com/evolvevr

from PC to console to Mobile VR …

Big Alpha Playing with the Oculus Rift DK2 with Zeiss head tracking at extreme resolutions (2K and 5K)

Beta :

Xbox ONE ST1080 Head Mounted Display with Zeiss Head Tracking

Oculus Rift DK2 5K & 2K res Zeiss Head Tracking playing on a IMAX sized screen

and the most beautiful VR augmented game of Evolve using the most evolved VR method:

Evolve Beta ZEISS VR ONE PC to Android cloud VR Samsung Galaxy S5 QHD Trinus Gyre

using a 2560 by 1440 Samsung S5 with phone based head tracking

I have joined the Monster Race … so I will see you in the game in VR and mobile VR soon…
follow the article http://tinyurl.com/evolvevr to see how… good luck with the launch! oh and PS please can the devs unlock
Cryengine 3D options ! Also it supports head trackers like the Zeiss natively…

Full article on augmenting the full retail version to follow …


that title man

and even tho I only understood half of your post, Evolve in VR seems awesome





fml I would shyt bricks playing the game like this. idk how monster would work tho.


I understood until Evolving Evolve Oculus Rift


Evolving Evolve Oculus Rift IMAX Xbox ONE ST1080 HMD Zeiss VR ONE Mobile Cloud VR


@3ch3l0n Jokes aside Good job for the article.We have no intent to “fool” your work we’re just joking around hope you get that.

(And i don’t like that i only understood until the word Rift :slight_smile: )



That quote is useful in so many places. I love Mr. Torgue.


Yeah. My favorite is still, “I want you to blow up… THE OCEAN!”


It’s a sword, that shoots explosions. SWORDSPLOSIONS! Also (Spoiler for language)

WHAT THE FUCK IS A REF?!??! In fact, his commentary during that entire boss fight is classic.