EvolveWiki.com Grand Opening


It’s been a long time coming and finally we’re pleased to announce the public live launch of a new community wiki resource, EvolveWiki.com.

Focused primarily as an informational Wiki Resource and founded in February 2014, EvolveWiki has gone through several revisions to meet and exceed user expectations.

We all know there are inherit problems that all Wiki resources face. The fact that anyone can edit the pages is its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. We’ve thought carefully of how to deal with this issue and decided to implement a simple rule to reduce these occurrences. Our wiki requires a login in order to be edited. This prevents random anonymous edits and allows us to monitor a specific user’s actions and restrict access as necessary resulting in a more accurate display of information. In addition to this, the wiki alerts staff on the creation of new pages so we can more easily monitor what is being added.

As TRS has a list of promises they have for us, so do we to you.

Content up to date and accurate.
No more allowing fake Leviathan and Ninja Turtle monster pages. Our Wiki requires a login and cannot be edited by any random anonymous user. EvolveWiki staff also watch the creation of all new pages and the editing of previous pages carefully.

You’ll know who we are.
Say hi, ask a question, or report an issue. With us, you know exactly who runs the site and how to contact us.

No Advertisements… ever.
Advertisements are distracting. Don’t you hate browsing a wiki just to have pop-ups spawn on your screen or ridiculous adspace taking up precious room? So do we. Our site doesn’t have a single ad on it, and never will.

Since February the wiki was designed with an easy to navigate tile layout. All pertinent information is easily found and located giving you much quicker access to the information you want to read about.

We use state of the art forum software which we feel users will like, enjoy, and relate to. Unlike other forums that seem to feel old and outdated, we use a very modern software that can relate to this generation much more easily. Like posts, Follow users, update your status, hashtags galore… it’s all here.

Easy to use Media Center!
Do you make Wallpapers, Fan Art, Cosplay, or Videos? Back in October we asked you guys to pick between a Media Gallery or a Blogging System and you guys picked the Gallery. So we went ahead and got that done. Upload your own personal Album full of Images and Videos or create an open community Album which anyone can add to. Complete with comments, ratings, sorting, searching, and more… we listen to you and your ideas.

But that’s not all! We’re constantly adding new features and taking user suggestions on how to improve.

Now, as a fun little grand opening celebration, we have 3 consecutive contests for everyone. The first one starts now!

Be one of the first 10 people to find the hidden objects and win a paid month of XBL or PSN.


It all looks fantastic, well done for doing such a great job on the whole thing! I’ll be down for signing up to it, as well as other members here certainly will be too. We’re all a reliable source so I’m 99% certain that there will be no silly edits going on at least!

Once again, brilliant job! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m pretty sure you were the first person to ever sign up way way back in February! Your account still exists!

And as a small reward, we decided to add the first 20 members to sign up into a Founding Member category.

You guys will have a unique name display:

We also wanted to do this for TRS staff if anyone from TRS wanted to sign up. So an offer to the TRS staff is also a unique name display on the site. Of course, you’d have to verify your account here (just send me a PM here with what the username is on the wiki):


@Rctboy95 will hate you for the Behemoth :smiley:


LOL, well technically TRS didn’t announce the winning name right? But as far as we know, that is the one that won.


Well done on the wraith page if I do say so myself :wink:

Wraith has ten bars of Armor!?!?!


According to @Matthew the Health and Armor values are still being tweaked. What they may have today may not apply next week. It’s safe to say however, that if we could play Wraith today, it would at have at least 10 bars of armor as Kraken does. BETA will tell provided an official announcement by then.


Oh yeah! I just logged in now, great!

Think I’ll mainly focus on the Bucket page. :wink:


That really cool! I figured she would have less armor than Kraken, good to know :stuck_out_tongue:


Although I did notice that HP is given in bars, which seems very unuseful because all the monster have an equal amount of bars :wink:


Made a submission for the contest! :smile:


Congratulations, people! This Wiki is going to rock Evolve’s world.


“The game Evolve is scheduled to be released to the public in February 10th of 2015.
Note: This date is subject to change” :no_mouth:



We got it! :smile:

There’s no true way of knowing until the game is launched on Feb 10th. It can all change from now until then. But giving that the skill the Wraith used brought it close to Markov it can be assumed it’ll have some Melee components to it. Which indicate Health and Armor may be slightly higher than Kraken. Of course this is all an educated guess based on past history of these types of creatures in other games.


I’m signed up :smile:. Hopefully I can help where it’s needed.


Signed up aswell. I’m not the fastest to pick up new info, but when I do, I make sure it’s accurate. :smiley:


Thanks! Any help anywhere we can get it is great!


I’m in for that, as I enjoy writing a lot :bulb:


Nice ! Founding Member get


Ah fooy. Looks like I missed the first 20 sign ups :frowning: Boo Urns Curse my work being busy this morning!