I will admit I am that random guy who takes pictures when I shouldn’t but you got to admit this looks sick. Anyone else got some cool pics?


Beautiful. You should become a full-time virtual photographer. :wink: I assume this is that split second between the relay blowing up and the red banner appearing?


That match was actually a blood bath between the two teams, one of the actually good Wraith players keeping us on our toes.

I hope observation mode gives nice angles.


That Daisycam is going to be invaluable.


Fabulous @MultiDavid is fabulous!

Here is a picture of Griffin getting really tired of the slow opening dropship doors.


Haha I will definitely start with that


He’s no spring chicken anymore, but back in his day we would jump out of dropships without blathering on for ages as our “team” got butchered below us.

And I knew Hank was a little bogan-ish, but I didn’t expect him to lack a brain. :confused:


wow i gotta get my hands on this…


There’s a screen shot contest going on, you should definitely enter! I think it’s pinned in the contest category.


Why does Markov look like hes about to drop one of the biggest beats of 2015?


I do have a brain, problem is it ends up saying ‘‘IDIOT!’’ most of the time or ‘‘YOU IDIOTS’’ XD


It looks like Markov plated a bomb, and ran. It looks nice, great screenshot.

I love finishing Wraith with a cloak, it looks so nice. Plus it has two explosions of blood around her, showcasing her dangerous attitude. :wink:


I don’t usually play Evacuation but when I do I deal with the dumbest colonist.



Self preservation is definitely not high on their list of priorities.


He reminds me of her.

Anyone else notice how the colonists like posing in death? It’s pretty brutal.


I’m more concerned about the ones buried to the waist. :confused:





joined a game in progress:

took this one by accident but anything with wrath dieing is awesome…

and this little guy…




I’m about to win by relay, but first, let me take a selfie!