Evolve's Voice Actors - Who Are Your Favorites?

I want to discuss Evolve’s voice actors - just a change of pace from the usual forum fare. :wink: FYI, a list of Evolve’s voice actors are in this IMDB page:

My favorite voice actors in the game are the ones for Hyde, Bucket, Jack, Caira, and, of course, Lennox. I gotta check who voices Lennox, she’s damn good.

I love Bucket, his acting was aced. I also quite like Parnell’s because of his SS lines, but all of them are absolutely outstanding.

The only character who has VA which I don’t love is Markov. Don’t get me wrong, he was very well done too, but I just don’t like Markov’s personality. .-.

It’s not even that I don’t think he was designed well- he was.


I like everyone. TRS did a good job picking their actors.

I like everyone. But Slim and Jack have extremely similar voices. Kinda sounds like they just had Jack’s actor use a voice distorter.

According to IMDB, Slim and Jack indeed have different actors. So I’m not sure why their voices sound similar.

IMDB doesn’t show Lennox’s actor though. Sad face :frowning:

I’m sure that’s true, they don’t sound perfectly alike. But it’s enough to draw a comparison

I think so, at least.

Agreed about Markov, his voice is downright electric, but the personality and character design are a bit dim.

(See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: )

What’s wrong with not loving the “GLORY!!!” and thrill for battle?

I really like them all, each voice Actor fits really good for each character except Caura
My top are Slim, Sunny, and Bucket.
It would be hard to order them. But Slim is definitely #1 on my list.

My favorite actors are Sunny and Caira. I love Sunny’s scratchy voice and childlike sense of wonder in everything, and Caira is so genuinely excited and passionate about everything she comes across. They really bring the characters to life

Not every character is a Main Character, some are sidekicks and I don’t think we had a clear idea of which was which early on. It wasn’t until the DLC characters that we really started to think in those terms, and as a result I think the characters get better.

So while I love writing Markov, I think there are better characters.

I have played D&D with the guy who voices Abe, and Abe is dear to my heart, so if I had to pick one actor, it’d be Matt Mercer. Plus, he’s dreamy!

If I had to pick two, the other would probably be Fryda Wolff, but don’t tell her I said that.


Lennox is voiced by Mary Chris Wall, BTW.


I have to say Griffin’s voice actor is pretty interesting. I have trouble putting growl in my voice, and that actor does a pretty good job at it. I’d love to be able to put some more growl in my voice.

Whaaaaaaaaaat. Markov is invincible! THE BATTLE BEGINS!!! ATTTTTTTTTTACCCK!!!

Are Val and Markov main characters?

Gotta say sunny and Ciara are my favorite, then bucket and Hyde

A dev on the forums? WE GOT A RARE ONE HERE! XD (No disrespect intended, I just think it’s cool I got a dev to show up. :wink: )

That being said, I never knew characters were classified that way in this game, as mains and sidekicks. What exactly is the difference in writing for the two categories? I’m trying to get into fiction writing myself, so I think it would be cool to shed some light on Evolve’s writing process. Don’t feel obligated to spill every secret of course, but I’m sure some behind-the-scenes exposure would do this game some good.

Also, I wonder if it’s possible to have an all-sidekick team. :smile:

Hyde and Bucket have the best voice work.

Sunny would probably be the bottom of my list.

It’s not rare. He’s the writer. All of the devs frequent these forums. They are some the best I’ve ever seen in communicating and being a part of this community.


I really like slim’s voice actor since he does such a good job with the voice.



…for brief periods of time.

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