Evolve's Steam Sales




2k/TRS need to get on Damage Control or consider cutting their losses and bailing.


Uh, what? How is this bad? This is average at -worst-, and the game isn’t even out. Can you elaborate on why you think this is " not doing well " … ?


Check the other first two pages.


The game isn’t even out yet though,a lot of people nowadays prefer to wait until after launch for reviews and such…


Yes, what about them? They’re games that have freshly come out. That’s completely normal.

Also, I’m happy to see Evolve has a “Mostly Positive” rating despite all the bullshit “reviews” P:


There’s also a lot of other sites offering the game for cheaper or special packs, though, right? Like GameStop’s “exclusive” package.


OH I also forgot! There’s lots of console users that are going to buy Evolve. It’s not just Evolve’s steam sales that count. Combine all pre-orders from all platforms, and I guarantee Evolve would be on the first page, if not on the top ten.

Oh, and also a buttload of third party pre-orders ( from D2D, or GMG, etc ) which are not taken into account on the steam sales charts.


Yep, Steam is just one of the big players, not the only place people throw money to, these are only pre-orders as well, Evolve is doing just fine in sales, I’m sure of it.


Doesn’t seem too bad given all the misinformation outside of the forums. Still, damage control would be very nice just because of all those people that believe in the day 1 DLC thing. Word is that some people with the press release versions aren’t great players or aren’t giving out the right info.



@MacMan Anything to do for damage control? Game really needs it right now.


Why? There is a high chance this game will sell leagues better on consoles, as the large majority of multiplatform games do. Plus last time I checked steam doesnt account for 100 pct of pc game sales.


After that Jim Sterling video it kind of left a mark on this game. Guy pretty much manipulated thousands of people into his little charade.

These are pre-orders only, not to mention pre-orders from other non-steam sites AND the console pre-orders.

When the game releases expect a boom. But it’s still nice for a backup plan in case stuff doesn’t go as anticipated


What jim sterling vídeo ?


It’s just a pre-order and it’s on the 3rd page.Sure, it’d be nice if it were on the first, but it’s…

Is… is this the thing whereby something absolutely has to sell like crazy or it’s a ‘failure’? Because if people around here have that mindset, I’m sorry, but you’re probably going to be disappointed.

Evolve is a difficult game for some people to grasp. To a lot of people, who just want something they can pick up, play, and understand, it really does look like “ten minutes of hide and seek followed by a fight”. The term I use is that a lot of people will ‘bounce off’ the game; they’ll hit a wall because of the difficulty in grasping what the game is.

That is going to hurt sales. Just that would do it. So, yeah, it’d be nice if it were on page one, but I’m not surprised that it’s not.

I do suspect, however, that the game may have longevity, and indeed might pick up after launch due to product evangelism. This is a game that needs a dedicated bunch of players (that’s us!) who are willing to grab their friends, sit them down and show them how to play, how to get the most from the game. To show them what the game is, not what it can appear to be.


Yeah, now I’m curious too. What happen?


yue guise, please stop feeding the troll.

thx :blush:


You haven’t heard?

This horrid video. Guy didn’t even bother to put in facts or do research on both sides. It’s a massive one-sided argument.


(removed, by myself of course)

Seriously, i heard more lies in this vídeo then i said when i was younger.



I need to see this…


A little vile and too far but I wont blame you.

This guy definitely wounded a beautiful work of art. And the ones to blame are also the fools watching it and believing it as a reliable source of information without looking up the facts.

#TheMedia is corrupt as shit.