Evolve's Pricing - Is it too pricy for the PC gamer crowd?


Hello everyone! I hope everyone that played in the Big Alpha is as hyped as I am about the game. I got in enough time to unlock Las and Griffin. I must say WOW. My hat’s off to you hard working turtles. What an excellent title you have here. I have been part of a gaming community for 3 years now(2 of which I have been responsible for testing new games that we support) and it looks like the general concensus of our members is “HELL YEAH.”

Despite complaints over a few minor bugs I heard no gripes except for the game’s pricing. Will this game be able to go the distance on a PC with console pricing? I personally hope so!

What do you guys think? Do you have any thoughts on pricing or any models that would work across console AND PC?

In my humble and sometimes ignorant opinion I would of wanted to not only make groundbreaking in-game development but also push the envelope in the console community. Bringing a F2P model to console. Uniting console and PC gamers with cross-platform connectivity in a game where using a keyboard/mouse vs controller nets you no advantage or disadvantage. I think this game can deliver on all fronts(although I have no idea if the new consoles will even allow for cross-platforming.)

A game’s longevity not only rewards the players but also the developers/producers. I enjoy seeing games with a very long reach that can touch as many people as possible. Having a high upfront cost in my eyes is an opportunity missed.

Thank you for reading and thank you TurtleRock and 2K for bringing in a monster of a game. No puns intended.


No, its not. I think I can speak for a lot of the PC master race here in saying that we don’t mind paying top dollar for a well crafted, entertaining game. Is Evolve entertaining? Yeah it is. Well crafted? TBD.


Aside from my views in another thread I do agree that high upfront costs aren’t so hot. There are plenty of people out there less fortunate than I am when it comes to being able to afford it, so I totally sympathise with the issue of having to stump up that money at the start.


The pricing of the game is fine as it will be a new release and just like what was said above in that as long as it is a well crafted, balanced and fun game then I do not see the issue with the price.


If people liked the Big Alpha and the gameplay…they have 4 months to save up for it.


I am perfectly fine with the pricing model used right now. $60 for a new AAA is fine. Paid DLC that isn’t required is fine. F2P is dumb (IN MY OPINION) and should not be used by anyone who doesn’t have the capital necessary to use the game as a loss leader. While high upfront costs aren’t awesome, I choose to pay them when I feel developers deserve the money. Otherwise, it’s easy enough to wait for a game to drop in price.


$60 is not that bad when the game is clearly worth it. Without trying it first, I agree it’s a lot, even if you have money growing out your ears. I’m a student so you can guess my economical situation… I’m totally fine living off of noodles, ketchup and water for a week though, if that what it takes. All work and no play makes studying people end up in a jacket with long sleeves.


How to instantaneously silence all pricing complaints of PC gamers:

Announce modding support

Problem solved! If people don’t feel like there’s $60 worth of content then they can make the stuff to bring it up to that level.


Haha. Modding does make a game better but I can’t personally think of how that would be used in Evolve. Fully customizable characters, weapons, monsters, etc though. Now that’s a cash cow.


I’d be all over the map development scene. I’ve got a lot of different ideas floating around!

  1. Deserted and overgrown city that’s like an urban jungle (think sci-fi version of I am Legend’s New York).

  2. A high-tech research facility in the jungle with several buildings and skybridges to connect them (think Far Cry’s trigen facilities blended with Jurassic Park compound).

  3. A desert map with a large underground oasis beneath a wide open and desolate surface (think Ocampa colony in Voyager). Monsters have a highway above ground, but cannot hide up there and I’d limit the number of entry points to the oasis below.

  4. A volcanic energy facility with lots of caverns and temples (think Episode III’s Mustafar merged with Indiana Jones).

  5. A Minecraft map, because why not?

Mods are a big deal on PC. If I see some cool mod you better believe I’d be pushing friends to buy the game. I know 2 people that bought L4D2 because of the raptor survivors mod, for example. I know 10 people who bought GTA4 because of the Iron Man mod. I know 6 people that bought Just Cause 2 a week after the multiplayer mod showed up on YouTube. Modders can add enormous value to a product. I really think it would go a long way to taking care of the pricing concerns some people have.


I know a lot of people who are currently planning on waiting for the $30-40 price point before purchase (and secretly expect that the game will have virtually died by that point, leading them to not purchase at all). A lot of those people might change their minds based on the state of the game in a late beta (or a free demo version, hint hint), and almost every PC gamer I know would probably immediately drop 60 bucks on it if custom maps, mods, and other features that help with community support (stats API!) will be included in the final product.

I personally am a bit confused by the people I know who seem to think $60 games are a new thing for PC. “Console pricing” has been around for a good long while now and I personally am not too bothered. That said, whether I immediately jump on it depends GREATLY on the overall opinion from the rest of my community - I have no interest in matchmaking, leaderboards, or playing with randoms, and if my friends aren’t going to be playing it then I most likely won’t be either.

EDIT: For me personally, $60 has always seemed high (the inclusion of the DLC with the preorder of this particular title assuages that), but $50 seems perfect; however, that’s probably just because it’s a psychologically pleasing number and has no rational basis behind it. I think I’d buy a game I was on the fence about at $50 before I’d buy it at $40, because if I see it at $40 I’m waiting for it to hit $25 or $30.


I’d pay double, couldn’t care less about money.


They gave us just 10% of the game in Alpha (Spam 1v4 matchmaking mode)
And everyone was really surprised how unique and fun game is!
Immersion is top notch, it’s original and has good teamplay as WoW raids (Since solo is quite impossible)

Judging by this, people would give $60 even for these 10% shown :).
Now imagine when they reveal PVE, multiple monster/more hunter raids and lots of other things.
Wallets will get empty.


In the UK you can buy Evolve on PC for £30 -> £35.99 which is quite good considering most new games now are £45 +


I think it’s a bit pricey…there isn’t a lengthy story with cinematics or diverse missions, complex character development, etc., things I feel are standard with a $60 game. With this game you are paying for access to a multiplayer hub with basically the same mission at its core, just with slightly different characters, monsters and maps to add variation. I definitely enjoyed the game and I want to buy it, but I feel like I would want more content for $60, and I think it’s ridiculous to charge that price and then offer paid DLC too…if it’s going to be $60 the DLCs should be free or really cheap. As it stands I feel like $45 is a better price.


Personally I feel it’s the SP only games that aren’t worth the money. Play through a scripted experience once or maybe twice, done. Same every time.

Very few SP-only games are worth full price. Exceptions being open-world and large RPGs. A MP game where the game will always be different and is put together well? Yea please.


I think an upfront $60 is reasonable. But it’s the DLC that worries me. If they do a 50/50 split and release half free content, half paid content, that’s generally the best method I’ve seen. Keeps people who buy all the DLCs happy because they have cool stuff, and keeps the no DLC crowd happy because they still get new cool things.


It shows up as almost $70 on Steam in Canada for pre-order. I will decide when it is released but to me that’s too expensive even if it’s a AAA title. PC games electronically delivered shouldn’t be more than $50 or $60 max. Also, if it’s $60 in the US it should be $60 here in Canada, don’t give me crap about the dollar difference either, we pay enough for exchange on hardware.


$59 is too much regardless of inflation, etc. I’ve only bought 2 $59 games in my life, one was Secret of Mana, and the other was Neverwinter Nights…

$49 MAX still fits the multiplayer focused, PC, digital download crowd, IMO.

Hold back game types, maps, and content you created from the initial cycle just to sell for DLC 3 months after release, will surely piss people off if there wasn’t enough content in the first place, especially at $49-59…

$29 initial release of half the content, then a $29 DLC 3 months down the road would be acceptable, as long as there is just enough content to keep players busy/interested.

Of course there is the “Release at a lower price and people will think you’re not confident in your game,” so… $50 for the game, forget getting any impulse buys, and make sure there is a demo available.



My personal opinion is that its probably too high considering a moba style design of content creation.

A lot of people seem to want more monsters and what not, and would probably be willing to pay appropriately for them but if its 60 up front then additional characters cost somewhere in between 5-15 dollars its probably going to put people off, unless they decided to do character packs, but then that sort of chunks up the stream of additional content which would do well to be trickled in.

Its a tough sell to some people and I know a fair few of my gaming community whom think its not worth a full AAA price point.

I hope they don’t wait to purchase it when its on sale because then that could harm the games long term health…but. Consumers in the PC market are very capable of waiting for a sale.