Evolve's Matchmaking



I was just playing a session of Evacuation with my friends and one by one we began to leave the session without even touching our controllers. It turns out that the game was auto-matchmaking us into different sessions with random players. 3 of us received a message saying “the session is no longer available” and our games just stayed on a black screen. The other two were placed into games that had 3 of the 4 Hunters already dead or down.

I had noticed this earlier when it was just myself and one other friend searching for a game, it kicked me from the session and placed him in the game instead of me (the host).

Just wanted to bring this to light, I hope no one else is having this issue, but if you are make sure to get this post noticed.



I dunno whats with the matchmaking in this game, on xbox it takes me 15 - 30 mins at the least to find a game and when I do its usually with just one person that ends up leaving. Every other game I play the matchmaking is fine and even the left4deads on 360 matched real quick to full or almost full games. I hope they do something about this, id love to be able to play their game more like I did with left4dead.


I had an issue similar to this but I am on PS4 and it only lasted for the first couple of days.

I searched for a match for about 30 minutes the first time around, then 20 minutes, then 10 and now it seems to take anywhere between 3-10 minutes to find a game.

But it’s more the group tearing and poor matchmaking that gets me. It’s annoying and defeats the purpose of even teaming up with friends.