Evolve's Match-Up Weakness For Me


OK, this isn’t about match-making per se, I would imagine that will continue to improve as the pool of players expands and my level increases. What this ends up being about is when I put this up against my old stand-by: Team Fortress 2. When I want to play TF2 I simply go into one of my favorite servers I’ve played on for eons. While I won’t know everyone (obviously) there will inevitably be a few people I’ve played with before and that enhances a sense of community and joy as you play with the same people. Mind you, these are people I don’t know and I’m not even friends with many of them on Steam, I just remember the name.

Now, coming to this Forum is somewhere in the same place for me. There are names that I recognize and personalities I appreciate, but there currently aren’t very good ways for this to translate into the game space. I’ve added people from the Forums on my Steam friends list including a few developers (thank you, BTW, anyone who added me) but here’s where the problem arises. Since I don’t really know anyone and wouldn’t want to impose the way the system with friends works is an issue. I feel like it would be rude to just start spamming to invite people, and my being on isn’t always on a schedule so coordinating in advance through here can work but could be problematic.

So here’s the question/challenge for the devs. Would it be possible to:

  1. Easier, but possibly less effective - Set an affinity in the match-making routine that wants to pair people with folks in their friends lists, not sure how much level offset should be taken into account though
  2. Harder, but more effective - I understand the Friend interface is something of Valve’s and recreating the wheel would be unappealing, but what I’d love is for me to set a status in reverse. I don’t want to go bugging people but what if I could set a status for me that would say “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET MY OUT OF THESE VANILLA PUBS FEEL FREE TO ADD ME!”

I actually began this with creating a thread for people who feel the same way but that seemed of little utility. When I put this game up against something like TF2 (which I think is the space you’d like to be in, years and years in with people still playing) I think for me that may be one area where this currently can’t compete… that sense of community. The thing is, you have it here in this Forum, the issue is how to let that translate into in-game benefit.

Anyone else with ideas or the same problem/concern?