Evolve's Main Issues and Fixes


Currently Evolve is very new player friendly with all the recent changes they’ve made to many key aspects of the game. I can understand why TRS did this, since their game has already died once they want to try anything to resurrect it. While this works very well, there are things that older player abuse and exploit in a sense. I’ll be getting deep with some of this information so prepare for a large amount of text. Before I start, I will be as neutral and respectful as possible so please if I am wrong nicely correct me.

Hunters: The hunters being half of the game have seen many damage, range and other nerfs over the course of Evolve’s resurrection. While this is true, they have also seen many game changing buffs like the solo queue buffs for example. The game is now more based toward fighting the monster. While this is a great improvement compared to legacy, hunters will always have a slight edge in this matter just because they are what they are. Their main job is to kill the monster…that’s all, defending the relay doesn’t matter, worrying over wildlife is almost never an issue now…it just fight and kill. The planet scanner was a good addition, I like it…but I wish the cooldown was slightly( around 10-15 seconds) longer since there are hunters that have all ability cooldown reduction. The dropship in my opinion is really annoying at first, but it gets better. If the hunters get downed and die on the first dome why is the monster punished? I understand that it keeps the action up, but at stage 1 certain monsters can’t continue that kind of fight. Then even after the dome is down, most hunters can easily keep up with the fleeing monster into the next dome. It happens again and again and again. Yes they can try to break sight, but with the amount of cc hunters have along with DOTs that give away positons, plus the bugs its impossible for a decent monster to get away. Then, theres the great auto dome, that not only tells you the monster is in range, but will make to it where the monster can’t dodge the dome. This is good and bad, but atleast make it to where the monster has a chance just in case, epecially since hunters can easily follow and CC you. The solo queue buffs should only work for NEW hunters who absolutely need it. The hunters need teamwork to kill a monster but why should experienced hunters get free buffs like that. I know levels mean nothing especially with the recent event, but a level 50 solo hunter shouldn’t have the same buffs as a level 1,10,20, even 30. The effects of these buffs should degrade as you level up. I’m not saying nerf the hunters, I’m saying experienced hunters shouldn’t be allowed to get away with mistakes noobs make. The accuracy, range, and damage of some weapons are absurd, along with speed reloading, cooldown reductions, armor pen and damage stacking. Its makes hunters way too strong, even some stage 3 monsters have trouble dealing with it, then stack on the endless jetpacks, solo buffs and if you give all of that to an experienced hunter group they are unstoppable unless going against an equally skilled monster. Balance has a heavy effect on skill, If a game is broken, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you will always lose. If the monster can do 1,000 true damage that cant be healed, stopped or blocked, then It doesn’t matter how good the hunters are, they will die quickly. The monster has a giant hitbox and most of them cant dodge hunter attacks, so they have to take damage to deal it while the hunter ascend to heaven and get free damage from across the map. Its generally unfair. Now before anyone says it, tinker belling works again monsters, especially if its most of your team doing it. Most monsters only have one ability that’s anti air, and with the cooldown even if u knock 1 person down theres till 3 supporting him and melting you, but enough of hunters lets go to monsters.

Monsters: I’m going to start with the things I think are just completely stupid…why does smelling, the only thing that tells you when hunters are near by give away your location? What was the point of that? Elder Kraken also, he shouldn’t be able to kill a hunter team fresh from dropship no matter how good he is, that’s unfair to hunters. The monsters also get stuck or stopped way too easily. I remember trying web sling as gorgon and get stopped by an invisible wall 5 times in a row. The hunters just laughed as I literally couldn’t move, attack or do anything. One of them even said lets leave the game because they saw how bad it was. Not every monsters needs a buff, but with the way the game is focused on fighting now, Gorgon and Wraith need help. They cant sustain long fights, and with all the new buffs and abilities hunters have it forces them to do so. Behemoth heavily needs that rework that’s happening, so I’m happy about that, Elder Kraken needs a heavy nerf, Kraken needs a slight buff to speed, and Goliath is perfect,maybe slightly nerf his speed. Goliath rewards skilled players with his array of moves to stop hunters from doing certain things. He also has the armor and health to keep up a fight if needed. He’s the perfect monster to fight the new hunters simple as that. When I play goliath I feel like I can face the hunters and straight up brawl, if they win…ok, if I win…ok. Why are the monsters being treated as targets for the new super hunters to walk all over on? You are the monster, the terror of Sheer that is feared by all. Not a headless chicken that has to run at the nearest smell of the hunters.

Now I know this may have seemed biased, but this is information I’ve collected from many people who’ve played legacy and this evolve. Most of them agree unless the monster is skilled, they will die. Hunters now have a lot of room to make mistakes while monsters who do usually die quickly. I’ve played both sides and I know how it feels to dominate or be dominated. If its a skillful win where the monster somehow ambused us and took us out, or where we ambush him, then ill accept that win or lose level headed, but when I use a full combo on a medic just for them to eat it, fly to heaven, heal and then cc me into the ground that’s not skill that’s a balance issue. Most of the time hunters do not survive due to their own skill, they survive due to that free 20% health buff, along with whatever shield, heal or other stupid ability they used to magically get away. There was even a game that I watch where Daisy literally fell through the world and couldn’t be hit but could still revive hunters and damge the monster. Of course that Goliath lost, was it skill no, it was a bug that gave hunters a win. There are also times when there will be one hunter left with the God level jetpack that’ll be able to out run you and hide while he can track you and stop you from moving long enough for his team to revive. Is that skill, no that’s luck and stupidity. Yes there are broken monsters, yes if they are lucky they get free wins, that’ll always be the case, but majority of the time that’s not the case.
If you read all this, thank you and if you want to argue or correct me go ahead, but I will not disrespect you if you don’t do it it me.


I agree with your points made here, I have been in the same scenarios as you describe minus the Daisy falling through the world bug.

The endless jetpacks is an annoyance, I did wipe a team once and the assault was left, he somehow could dodge everything I did at all times when I was chasing him, even if I was right on his ass the whole time.