Evolve's hunt mode is one sided


Now dont get me wrong because I’m absolutely in love with this game but nothing is perfect and in this thread I’d like to talk about evolve’s hunt mode firstly id like to say that for any monster newb or not WILL lose to superb hunters there is no doubt they know how to maneuver and work together while dealing maximum damage at the same time now I think we all agree that some hunters are definitely op or have op skills ~cough~ tier 4 ~sneeze~ torvald mortars all day, ahem excuse me but let me get to the real point there are 3 actually: you can’t run no matter how much you run- I’m a very good monster and win most matches with ease but every once in a while you get a group of hunters that know just how to stay on your tail the four of them know how to cut you off and won’t give you a chance to even sneak away #2 there are hunters who know just how to move so that minimum damage is dealt whilst still dealing constant damage#3 literal tracking abilities daisy, uav, and as much as I adore Gobi, yes Gobi also what I think can be done is to give the monster additional traversal stamina, the monster should be protected during evolution (it should be noted that its in a cocoon), and the monster should have the choice to choose a slightly nerfed health regen at the beginning of a match also medics should not be able to heal a hunter past the damage being dealt (I mean the medic should not be able to keep a hunter alive when i’m dealing constant damage) if I’m beating a crippled hunter to death the med gun should not be able to keep me from ending his/her life


Not to sound like a dick, but it seems like when you’re not pub-stomping random players and face a competent group of Hunters you seem to throw blame on them and not mistakes you made.


Completely disagree. Hunters don’t have much health when downed and they rapidly deplete HP and are defenseless.

That would make Crow completely useless and no one would pick him for such a big penalty.

No, it shouldn’t. The Monster takes a risk for increasing both power and health pool.

You lost health for risks and mistakes YOU made, disagree.

Your suggestions are way too biased towards Monsters and if you were a good Monster player (like you said) almost all the problems you were listing in your thread could of been countered with smarter, and more calculated playstyle.


Why not just give the the monster an insta win button if something goes wrong? I mean I don’t want to sound like a dick but those changes you suggested are absolutely ridiculous.


git gut

had to

cuz u have to


i disagree with you


Can not say that I agree with all you said, but the one point that it is way to hard to run from a hunters team with a clue is true in my opinion.

The answer is simple if they catch you to fast: do not run - just fight till the end. It is way less frustrating and the fighting process is the same anyway (just last a little shorter).

If you really want to play a sneaking game go play with bots=) Good hunters are impossible to juke (they will detect your position from 40-50m if you use sniffing even once) and bad hunters that you can actually juke are even worse than bots anyway.


Sniffing shouldn’t be as audible as it currently is. I think at one point you couldn’t hear it unless you were right in front of the monster… and now you can hear within 50 m… It ruins stealth. It probably happened because of some people claiming that monster shouldn’t be able to spam sniff, since there in no real numbers in sniffing to say it was a changed based telemetry. Sneaking was way more effective when it sniffing wasn’t as loud as a monsters stomping noises.



If you want people to read your super long rant about nothing, use paragraphs. You would be amazed at what a difference pressing the enter button makes.

Also while I understand the monsters need to sneak and run all that nonsense. Its the hunters job to STOP the monster from running around and getting stronger. If tactic A doesn’t work because the trapper predicted your movements, then it’s time for tactics B - Z.


I think everyone should realize that Evolve has strategies as well.Its not all about eat,get stage 2,fight,win or loose

You get caught stage 1?Run around the dome and take as less damage as possible.Run at the other end of the map and Evolve(Yes the hunters might be near to do to you 1 or 2 health bars of life BUT the dome is not up yet since they used it seconds ago).Then keep grabbing bites of food till you half armor to fight in the next Dome.

There are also the punish-the-split-push.If they are splitting even if you are stage 1 you can get 1 hunter to kill him within 5-6 seconds.Not kill him entirely.Give him a strike.

Giving strikes is so important.You don’t need to kill the entire team to win.If you can manage to give strikes now and then without loosing significant health the odds are in your favor.


Lets keep it short,sweet and to the point shall we I have no quarrel with you and I’m not going to argue with someone I dont know over the internet furthermore a win is determined by skill so if you win it generally means you were better at the game than someone else unless that person was drunk that particular day and yes some hunters I’ve fought were newbs but not all, moving on it is extremely hard to sneak from competent players a group of skilled players know to never let you leave their sight no matter what so they split up they don’t care who gets downed because the medic (and god forbid hank) will always be there to save the day. Also I have generally good aim and can make direct hits with a rock or thunderbolt but I have a cool down mind you while I’m going for the medic (who is shooting at me) I’m having mortars fired at me at the same time when the medic eventually goes down my attention is being shifted from killing him/her to constant health and armor damage from either a mortar or orbital barrage. Alright lets get back to running in good enough to know when and where to evolve and am always aware of my surroundings I am good at stealth and running but good hunters can always accurately guess where you have ran along with a good crow and bucket you can forget about stealth all together I actually salute Abe because the tracking dart actually takes good aim and for the record slewely the hunters have a medic so, if I’m beating the crap out of them and they get healed what’s the penalty? Oh, that’s right strikes. What’s that you say? Someone named Lazarus who is that? Arc mines, harpoon traps, weak points, sentry guns “end game”


This is not a slight against you, but it sounds like you are only good against average players. To beat good hunters you have to play smarter and can’t just run and evolve. I don’t know what monster you play, but here are some tips to help (I only use the original 3, so no Behemoth):

Use Movement Speed Perk - it gives you faster sneaking and can help you gain ground early.

Take 2 points in a strong skill - Goliath’s Rock Throw, Wraith’s Warp Blast, Kraken’s Lightning Strike. This allows you to have a strong offensive attack early in the case of unwanted altercations to focus down someone.

Run “smarter” - You as the monster have superior traversal, use it to your advantage. Before evolving, run to the edge of one side, then wait til they are near to run straight to the opposite edge. Additionally, run hunters past dangerous wildlife to buy time. Or simply use vertical maps to delay them. Hunters travel up cliffs much slower, use this to your advantage, run downhill, they will use jet pack chasing, then run back up.


I applaud you for approaching this thread positively rather than trying to allege that I am just not a good player, thank you for that but the tactics you’ve listed have already been done plus hunters don’t really need to climb a wall a good hunter knows to preserve their jet pack fuel so that they can double tap A/X up I also main goliath I have elited him also hence my username can pretty much leave players in the dust but they eventually catch up because they preserve their fuel I’m also good at avoiding fire so even the most experienced hunters barely can get a shot in my bane is explosives and planted devices such as sentry guns, arc mines, and harpoon traps otherwise standard fire will not land my flight skills are also impeccable as kraken I’m not as good at flying the kraken as jumping with goliath but I’m good enough to severely minimize enemy damage


Well that’s the point of this forum, to discuss things with people over the internet. You made this thread with the objective of arguing your point, and I disagreed.


Adults have debates and children argue rather than trying to disprove my tactics and skills why not question what my tactics are first? You said you didn’t want to sound like a dick and then borderline insulted me


I’ll ask what your tactics are, but even then, your basis for these changes is a little out of line. To change things so dramatically would upset the game far more out of balance than what’s already in place - Something which people, understandably, will disagree with.

And… That’s a debate. People disagree with your thoughts. Just as Slewey said, he disagrees with your suggestions. There was no reason to accuse him of insulting you, he just believed your backing for these changes is you blaming your shortcomings on the game instead of the players.


All the changes you mentioned heavily favor the Monster and good Monster players won’t need those changes to beat a good team of Hunters. For balance changes that drastic it’s clear your playstyle needs working. If you want to continue to be defensive and not fix your mistakes that’s your prerogative, but if you’re going to post a thread expect disagreement.


No offense intended, just made me smile when I saw it.


Let’s keep it short… Too late.

I guess he figured if he wrote it with 2 long sentences and no punctuation it would seem short…


I have to disagree with your proposed changes as well. The game isn’t about running safely away and getting to stag 3. I’ve never had a match where I run free with no threat of a fight. I’m always evolving on the run.


I don’t mind sounding like a dick. I’m a terribad monster. That being said, what you’re suggesting is laughable. Watch some good monsters play- and learn, your concerns are so basic level I can’t even read them with a straight face. Having an elite skin means nothing. I didn’t bother to point out every single thing you said because I just can’t take this thread seriously and hence won’t spare the effort.

like I said: watch better players than you playing the game, learn and then maybe come back.

Maybe watch Maddcows tutoring streams(they’re also on youtube) that may give you some idea on all the things you’re doing wrong.

that’s usually the other ay around, because children usually aren’t biased from the start and admit they were wrong easier. But who am I to say, Mr. Adult :smile: - before you grow out of your teen years let me just hint you that things like this:

are usually said by insecure, underage nerds who’re trying to gain some confidence by playing at the “I’m mature” game.