Evolve's greatest troll atm


It’s not his fault he’s the most OP thing inside caves.


He is. He ALWAYS is. In fact it’s my only tactic when using Behemoth. That, and playing hacky sack with the hunters as a sack.


Behemoth in caves is bloody brutal.

I still have nightmares of following my pub team into a cave after Behemoth and watching them all die with nothing I could do because I was Laz. ;-;


It’s okay, you can always cloak and run away… for ten seconds.


Yeah, but by then he’ll have eaten them all.

And I’ll be on my own.


It’s even worse when you have this one random on your team and you’re telling him not to go into the tunnels on Aviary and he still goes in by himself as Slim even when you keep lighting the Behemoth up using Gobi.


I once saw sunny went into the tunnels ( aviary ) when behe was domed.
She died pretty much within 2-3skills/hit, and no one can revive her, she even put a drone before she dies, and get destroyed immediately after shes dead.


Wait, that thing in the back of the cave is that a pile of Behemoth Poo?? It would explain why he looks so satisfied on the picture :laughing:


Looks like an Albino Armadon’s back. In fact the whole thing very much resembles a cave on Rendering Plant with an Armadon inside.