Evolve's General Tone and Feel


As I’ve been rewatching vids of Evolve I can’t help but notice that despite the rather realistic look the overall tone of the game is much more lighthearted compared to other mainstream games. The assault characters are all humorously brash, and Bucket is almost silly in a way.

How do you guys feel about the tone of Evolve so far?


I feel like everything makes sense even though its scifi. like this is a universe that could exist in the future. the characters will be both loved and hated for their unique personalities. its so polished I cant believe my eyes!


It is quite lighthearted! But overall still a very serious game, I reckon. And also scary in the sense of how frightening these Monsters are! Mind you though, the banter between characters in most games can make any situation light hearted, like the characters L4D making cracks in what is an actual zombie apocalypse. You gotta have a bit of humour in some serious situations in some games like this, I think!


I love the look of it. It’s not overly realistic (we have enough of those types of shooters) but it’s also not cartoony by any stretch. I think they hit the sweet spot.


It’s one of the main things that drew me to the game.


Serious and dark tone with some light hearted conversations. Great combo


The combination of strong personalities in a hostile environment can lead to some amazing situations. There is so much potential from light, jovial, funny tone all the way to dark, brooding, serious tone. it all comes together to make something more intense than the sum of its parts. I love the dialogue I’ve heard thus far, and can’t wait to see more.


This will vary from person to person, so none of which are right or wrong, but for me:

Evolve’s tone and feel are akin to Predator for me. You’re badasses that are sent to kill something no one’s ever faced before, something that hunts the hunters. You’re obviously a badass yourself, else you’d never have been sent to kill this thing that is very obviously dangerous. Due to that, you’ll likely feel fight-or-flight adrenaline pumping action with pockets of fearful moments as both Hunter and Monster. Fear comes from the unknown, and not knowing where or what your enemy is doing is not uncommon!


I know that there will be more monsters and hunters and maps added but, I cant tell if it will still get too repetitive if your playing for too long. so i’m wondering if you play two games with the same monster, hunters, and map, on hunt. will they be very slimilar games


ehh depends on the players really. if the monster heads the Exact same direction and the hunters dont cut him off and follow him the same way they did last time then yeah i guess for the most part the match would be similar.

that being said thats highly unlikely as the goal of this game is to adapt to your enemy. I believe that casual gamers will love this game as a 2-3 hour play but no more than that. once the matchmaking gets working right every match SHOULD be a challenge to win. and if you ever get “bored” theres always the other side of the coin. 4 classes that you havent mastered or vice versa with the monsters. then theres the randomality of evacuation if you have been following that. no evacuation should be the same. so i dont think the game should get stale for a long time!