Evolves Elite Lvl Mechanics


I enjoy Evolve I do but here is my greatest problem I have with the Level up Mechanics/Elites

For progression I don’t think Its a good system In my opinion But I need to address it now Let me say this…

If turtle Rock doesn’t want to change it I don’t mind ok This is based of my opinion on why I think it may need some tweaking, but if your going to respond to me in a rude way about it being great GOOD FOR YOU, You have what you want but here is what I want “AND I WILL UNDERSTAND IF TRS DOESNT CHANGE IT NO MATTER THE CASE” For progression you level up your character so you can get the next set of hunters " If not dlc" for 1st tier and 2nd tier for progression “MOST” of the time its fine since its purely/mostly damage wise… But that’s only for that tier If you love playing as hunters Most if not ALL of the hunters will need “HEADSHOT DAMAGE” And this Headshot damage is more so at most for what I see if not ALL CLASSES AT A MINIMUM OF… 11000

Why make it so repetitive TRS? I enjoy the game I do, at first I hated it but I know you enjoy listening to the community but the progression is backwards, or unfun at this point. Now I get it you want us to USE these abilities more, and more but that may take most of the fun if your playing as either Monster or Hunters, That’s why most people play solo with/without friends just so they can get a few emblems An elite skin and achieve Mastery for that character!

Progression in a game is what is meant for you to keep on moving right? but Its plain, and somewhat dull in the later levels.
Now I know I’m bitching at this point but I have to, I know a lot of people do too as well and that’s what life is mostly just about bitching. Because when no one does we will receive the same plain shit over and over again, and it isn’t Heart pounding, and enjoyable anymore.

If you do want to change is TRS Here is my option to you “Make another xp system” And that’s what kept me going for some time as well with the xp system when you get your new perks for the hunters or monsters, cause not only is it another system for people to enjoy a lot easier, its better than doing for example " shoot this guy 500 meters away while 360 spinning in the air for 10 fucking times" Because what people would do is bring a friend or 2 in a private match and do that way cuase its easier having a target that can do it for you than otherwise.

Now if you did take the time to read this I thank you and if not that’s fine I hope everyone enjoys Evolve still as much as I do too :smiley:


I like the level up unlocking next teir because it’s allows a learning curve. Mags allows daisy to track the monster with little to no effort. Griffin needs strategic placement of his spikes.

And with Laz. He is a high-value target. He cannot survive combat. That’s why with Val you learn to heal, dodge, kits, and survive.

If the progression/unlock system wasn’t there, Lazes would be everywhere. If I were TRS I would put Laz in teir 3.


I’ve always thought they should be more original with mastery. Yes Xp would be new to individual weapons but that too would soon get repetitive.

Why not things like, “Hit the Monster with every bullet in your mag 120 times.” or “Do x damage in 1 mag 100 times.” or “Do 15000 damage to a Monster while it is in the air.” But no matter what it is, some people will grind it in Customs.


I do all my grinding in sp.

I dunno how I feel about adding these new mastery stuff. It would be hard to hit a flying behemoth.


I do all of my grinding in Quick Play. I like my masteries to take a long time, that way it keeps me playing.


I’d want TRS to use their current level 40 cap xp system, but add more perks and increase the cap to 50.

Othewise you have 3 prgression systems.
Level/main XP (40 cap)
Per-hunter elite
3rd xp system.


yeah the xp system in this game is unnecessarily narrow. Just a flat xp in general that you acquire with ALL actions would be more fun. Need some better rewards. Let us grind a currency for skins or something.


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