Evolve's Credits - Community Acknowledgement and a Mystery


I’m part of the credits?!


Right, we better get to work on this. GET THE TF2 FORUMS.

The question is, Is that Factor or Shear?


Gah! That’s so cool, thank you very much Turtle Rock! :slight_smile:

Nice news to wake up to!


I’ve got this! You can just call me… (puts on dearstalker) Shearlock. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!



I figured it out guys! Lemme tell you what they did in a minute… holy crapppp it’s creepy and it’s not morse code!

Edit: Go download Sonic Visualizer if you want to read it yourself, put in the audio file, click Layer - Spectrum - and add the spectrum (any of the options there will do fine) then zoom in and read for yourself

Is there a plot?

Here’s what I can read and a picture for more proof if you’re still skeptical –

Beam Emetlink M50Z312380 xCaps AKHENAHTEN CMHQ Under attack by unknown spontaneously generated hostile entities station defenses under entity control suffering heavy casualties superheavy ordinance ineffective - advise no contact full quarantine execute protocol BG1132 five days of life support remaining tight beam emetlink

The end is the same as the beginning, probably some code saying who’s transmiting. My audio quality wasn’t great so that’s the best I could translate.

The 5th Monster
Evolve After-Credits Mystery!
Hello? Anybody Home?
Secret signal (at the en of credits)
Is there a plot?
5th tier monster is "chilling"
Skirmish takes place after evacuation?
Ending Scene Post-Credits

I wonder if this message is about half the planet getting wiped before Cabot arrives or the whole planet getting Factored after they succeed or fail with the Evac.

It looks like Evolve ends in a loss for humanity whatever the outcome on Shear. The human race is heading towards either extinction or a nomadic life just staying ahead of the infestation unless they can develop some damn good countermeasures


Nice! Thanks for solving the mystery ^.^

I’m guessing this is the remaining survivors / hunters sending a warning… I’m guessing protocol BG1132 might be some kind of scorched earth option, as the threat is so relentless.


Seems to be something like that. Maybe BG stands for Big Guns XD imma double check and make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. A few things were hard to see.

Edit: I got all I could from start to finish.


Sounds like an egg layer to me! Or something which spawn enemies at least.


I think so too!

Now that you said that… I just realized the end said ‘Five days of LIFE SUPPORT remaining’. I don’t know the lore very well, but if this was a message from Shear, it wouldn’t need life support would it?

Perhaps it could be a space station taken over?


Or… it’s someone calling from a bunker, after the planet has been made inhospitable. Could be a station though, that’d make sense… or a moonbase.


Dang you are fast! That is really cool and mysterious. I wonder if it is referring to before or after the events of evacuation. Either way, great find!

also @Magik_boom that really made me chuckle :laughing:


I have a hunch that it’s morse code sped up. Try slowing the audio down until it hits those rythmic beats. If not then I’m clueless as to what it is.


Well each map has something crucial that the colonists had to bring in or build in order to survive on the planet and five days is an evac so I’m sure it’s in relation to that.


I’m gonna assume a hint at new planet aka new maps


No I think they said prior that all will happen on shear and hey if you didn’t make it in the game credits at the end it says for an up to date list of credits go to evolvegame.come/credits


im super curious as to what this means, does this mean that there’s a monster smart enough to take control of a stations defenses? agh! the mysteries are killing me!

also that could still be shear just deserty now because there’s no more life on it that hasn’t been eaten by the monsters


He’s baaaaaack.


Keep in mind that Factor and Shear were just small colonies - the Monsters have yet to face a true military response.

If anything, its likely that information from Shear will prepare such action.