Evolve's Credits - Community Acknowledgement and a Mystery


A couple of things here…

Firstly, the moderators @SlinkyGuy @SledgePainter @Alex_Versnel, etc are mentioned in the credits, which I thought was a very sweet community touch ^.^

Secondly, there’s some awesome artwork in the credits, so they’re worth a watch through! (Also, there’s an achievement for watching them).

Finally, there’s some kind of transmission at the end of the credits, not sure if it’s some kind of ARG-style decodable thing, or just there for fun… it could be some kind of hidden message, but I’ll leave it to people far smarter and with more free time than me to figure that one out =D

EDIT - Video is here;

Evolve After-Credits Mystery!
Hidden credits morse code?
The distress call?
Bragging Rights - Share your story

Link or it isn’t real!


A decodable ARG?

We SPUF now. Get to it.


No link?
Pre-order cancelled!


Congrats on beating the game already. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll see if I can record it and upload it quick(ish!)… the speed of my net, realistically, you’ll probably be at it before I can do it =P


Wah!!! Thank you Turtle Rock for putting us in the credits!!


How does the game have credits?


Here’s the mods (and others… you’re included on a list amongst Gabe Newell!)

The credits are in the ‘Extras’ menu.


I knew Plaff knew too much to not be involved with the game, how else did he get all those pictures


I know it’s never going to happen officially, but we need some sort of Evolve t-shirt that says “PRE-ORDER CANCELED!” on it. That’s like the biggest/best running joke to come out of this whole DLC mess. :slight_smile:

Also an ARG would be totally boss. You guys remember how they did the Portal 2 announcement, yeah? That was a trip. :slight_smile:


No MaddCow in the credits, pre-order cancelled! :smiley:

Kudos for you guys for being in the credits though :slight_smile:


Maybe the transmission is a distress call / thank you message addressed to you :wink:


Also, this was the image at the end of the credits along with the mysterious sound. Don’t know if it means anything.


I’m guessing that’s Shear and its moon?


That doesn’t look like shear at all. Both of those are VERY barren/desert. Maybe Factor?


Here’s the video;


Could be Shear after the monsters have destroyed it? The moons are the right size and scale, just the planet looks too barren.


Daw! I’m the only mod not to make the credits :frowning:

That end thing is mysterious though - maybe Morris code? I wonder…


Sorry to hear that Takran… I’m sure it’s just an oversight… OR… Maybe the mysterious message is addressed to YOU! (and not @MaddCow) :wink: