Evolve's concepts better?

I re uploaded… Did it work?

I’m not seeing anything.

Hmm. Im not sure what to do then… Oh well

TBH the behemoth felt a little plain to me… He still looks really cool, but he is just plain rock… His spine and the lava and stuff is cool, and the face. I just wish he was less… Goliath looking. meh.

Goliath is great. Original yet familiar. Your basic monster thingy archetype. Kraken is super cool, although his limbs feel VERY human… Too human IMO. I like hi concepts better.

Wriath turned out amazingly se- I mean cool looking. I like her currently better than most of her concepts.

No, try deleting the file and downloading again

Alright, Ill try that

Good? I re-downloaded

I personally love the old concepts Much better than the new ones because they’re more alien like the new ones are cool and all but I don’t like their humanoid appearance (but that’s Just me)

Here’s what I’m seeing


  • Kraken is good, his previous concept didn’t fit his gameplay in my opinion.

(Maybe his mines but nothing else)