Evolve's concepts better?

Personally I like the monsters’ looks, especially Goliath and Behemoth. But I think the Kraken is just too similar to Chithulu, and I think the the original concepts are much more baddass.
I mean come on.

That’s pretty cool.

I also do like the Wraith’s look, and I think it’s very original, but again, it cain’t compete to the concepts.

Now Goliath, to me, already looks badass. Both designs are cool in my opinion. Same with Behemoth, who is my favorite monster so far.

Anyways, who agrees with me about the designs? Do you hate the old, or the new? Maybe you like both, or hate them both, I don’t know, you tell me.

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I both agree and disagree.

Which and what?

I can’t see your first and third image (just to say)

For the concepts… the previous concepts were good. but the ones we have now are good to.

The only concept who was better before in my opinion is goliath.

The others feel like complete others monsters so we can’t really compare them as a single entity.

I like the Goliath, and Wraith as is. ^.^

Goliath looks nice in concept, but launched is fine. ^.-

I prefer the new to the old, though the concepts have a charm to them.

The first and last pics seem to be corrupted/broken I can’t see em

Goli resembles Bob in the face in this concept

Concepts are interesting. I actually like them a bit better. Somewhere along the way they made the monsters “too human” in my opinion. Someone told me it was because how the game engine is built around human frames for graphics and animation purposes (which is why wraith doesn’t move her actual arms, only her claws)


Well except Kraken

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Yeah the files are corrupted, I see there’s another guy above me that has the same problem

I really love how the monsters look now but nearly all of the old concepts are MUCH cooler. They actually look like monstrous, scary beings. The monsters we have now are almost cuddly looking at times, much more mainstream and less horror.

Can you see them now?

Quick question… Do you see all the pics? Just wondering if they’re corupted or not

Will deleting, then reuploading them help?

First and third images are not showing in the OP.

Ah, ok. Ill try to fix em

Good now? I re uploaded them

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