Evolves 5th Tier Theories

So I really am into the new monster and hunters. I really like the looks of them and how they are implementing new gameplay styles like Lennox and her plasma lance. I was bored so I looked into the hunters and monsters and this in my theory on them and who they are. What do you think?



Sorry I cant post the pictures directly :confused:

I told you that the photo I found was concept art! :smile:

Yeah I found it on deviant art a few days ago :slight_smile: but no one was talking about it really until recently so I made a graphic for it and the hunters.

Support looks like Dr. Monroe for me.

I did think that too, but then I saw the bugs and felt that he might have been the concept for Slim instead.

Y’know what’d be REALLY cool? If the entire T5 hunter squad were female. :3
I mean cmon it’s a little farfetched but from the silhouette, you’d never be able to tell Lennox was a grill.

TOTALLY AGREE!! I think the Support might be because the arms look more feminine or slimmer. So glad that we got Lennox though, first female assault FTW! (and probably one of the most bad*** granny ever) XD

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I’m really hoping for that. But I’m 99.99% sure that the trapper is Korsoth.

Some people are still on the fence with the medic, no one is 100% sure if it’s even human.

The support is likely a female, look at those hips. But they could be male just with androgynous features.

I’m sure Ida is a woman, but Val, Sunny and Caira seem to think otherwise.

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I’m 99.99% sure she/he won’t be. Sounds daft to me :3

'sides… (Sorry I ran off to the store to buy a cheese bun)
I know Griff has mentioned him being human and all but I don’t think he’s run around waving what looks like dual pistols. He feels more like a… What would you say? Original? Hunter- I dont know. I mean Griff uses a futuristic harpoon gun buuuut I think Korsoth would still use a spear. Like in the movies!

Sry,but im trying to spread the news.
That artwork (called ‘flesh spider’ by its creator) is NOT concept art for T5 :frowning:
It has been confirmed by Stephen Oakley, the person who drew the art

I imagined as much. It was a very farfetched theory.

Who Knows if its not the concept art, the same was told about the Mecha suit Woman that turned out to be Lennox

Mecha suit woman?

Btw, dual weilding trapper?



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Just saw that Stephen Oakley finally commented too, but anyway it still looks pretty close so we can get an idea of what the new one will look like, and at lease gives us a reference :smile:

The hunter on the far right definitely looked femal, I can’t remember witch is witch though, I think it’s the medic? I’ll have to go rematch the video,

Update: it’s support, the medic and trapper could be any gender, trapper looks like a pirate or sea caption with that hat, medic kinda looks like another bug. Witch would be accepted but two bug medics in a row

Who says those are dual pistols?

If you look closely, it doesn’t look like he’s even holding anything in his hands.

In the movies, Korsoth was a spear-wielding eight armed alien. You can’t assume that he still has a spear, if the eight-armed alien thing also isn’t true.

In Torvald’s silhouette, he’s not holding his shotgun. Crow isn’t holding his rifle. The new support doesn’t have any weapon in their hand. They don’t all have to be holding their weapon.

Way to shoot me down :sob:
But yeah I have no idea.

As a reminder:

Not all silhouettes show what is up.

Hank looks like a DJ. OMG SOUND CANNON.

Markov looks like a robot.

Cabot looks like he has shoulder mounted something…

Maggie’s gun looks like a robot arm.

Lazarus looks like a possible cyborg.

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