EvolveRawr - 1st Season - PS4

Sign-Ups : Aborted

Here we go guys. Seeing the big success the ESL cups are having, i think it would be great to have a “scrim ladder”. With this new “tournament”, the players will be able to officially practice during the week, between ESL cups and of course to have contact with each other to reinforce the community links.

  • EvolveRawr is :

- 8 teams competiting

- 1 month championship with 2 matches the 3 first weeks and 1 match the last week + 1 show match between the 1st and the 2nd team

- A broadcasted show match if i find a broadcaster

- No winning prize

- 1 season every month if the 1st season is a big success and has community/TRS support

- Ton of fun

Of course, i need some help, it would be nice if there could be 3 more administrators. I also need a broadcaster for the show match. Send me a pm if interested

  • To Sign-Up

The sign-up will start the 16th July and will be over the 29th July or when 8 teams are registered. To subscribe please send an email to evolverawr@gmail.com with the mail subject as below. You will receive an email from konkuri once i will register your team :

Team Name - Captain player’s PSN - Players List

This post will be updated to list all the teams participating.

Only the first 8 teams to subscribe will be able to participate.

  • Administrator Contacts (PSN) : maderr -

  • Rules :

Note that it’s the first time i’m hosting such a tournament, it might be some fails. Be indulgent.

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I’m already doing the Scrim League:

Which is pretty similar to this idea.

Amazing Idea! - Thanks for put so much work into this!

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