Not sure how to say this, but don’t you think’s better to keep up the flow of information/news/articles rather than give us nothing?

I check evolvegame.com on a daily basis (If I remember) to check both your news page and community feed. Yet you guys don’t seem to keep up with the pace. I’m very surprised you did not plan ahead and organise for articles, info, pictures, images, videos, interviews, banners, Q&A’s, etc… to be posted up every few days to keep us, your fans, informed with a steady stream of information.

IMO this is a loss to you overall, as people notice this lack of effort and think, ok cool, they’re not posting anything up I won’t check back anymore.

It’s been 2weeks since anything has been posted up on the news page, that’s awful.

@DamJess Food for thought.

(Oh, n if someone states I should use Twitter I don’t use it, so please understand not all gamers use Twitter and other social media outlets)


Suppose they’re working too hard :smile:

Anyway, your point is fully valid. I didn’t check the page for a week just because I have Evolve daily fix first-hand now, but the info should keep flowing!


Being as i’m a group Admin, I like to keep informed and post up Evolve news/articles and just anything related to Evolve on our main page. I work hard, probably A LOT damn harder than most, but that’s no excuse for slacking and not planning ahead. It is what it is, I just hope they get back on board and start posting stuff up soon.

Fingers crossed! :smile:


Question, does the 2K news feed work on PC yet?


Usually this overwhelming communication is only at the release phase of the game, after that the hype dies off and there are less and less updates. It’s like that in all games.


True, I also rather disappointed by this. Really hoped they would give us some interesting stuff to read and some news on Behemoth or the Tier4 Hunters and stuff, but nothing :pensive:


The in-game one? Yeah, I think. I don’t pay much attention to it.


Really, as it doesn’t work on the Xbox or PS4 from what i’ve been told so far.


[quote=“CivRules, post:1, topic:39301”]
It’s been 2weeks since anything has been posted up on the news page, that’s awful.[/quote]
For you Evolve is a game. For them it is hard work.
They have worked for months until exhaustion for the release.
Don’t you think they deserve 2 weeks off now?


Not yet but I am sure it will be active soon, probably after the upcoming patch.


For me Evolve is a game, so what? Do they deserve two weeks off, that’s not he issue. Stop talking out of your arse and get with the program.


I hope so too, having to search around for newly created stuff is a pain in the arse.