I wanted to start a thread on the rules for Evolved4Dead!

Originated on Stealth Shampoo’s stream (I don’t know his forum name… ), it’s a mode that is fun, crazy action packed, and super difficult. @Shaners and I tried to play it with Nicky, @AimyBot, @TatlTael and @Ares… we got our asses handed to us.

Here was the original rule set we used:



  • ROUND LENGTH: 15:00
  • REINFORCEMENT TIME: 2:00 NOTE- respawned hunters can’t come in, but you get 1 hunter back of your choice after destroying 3 eggs)
  • STRIKES: 0
  • ELITE WILDLIFE: ON NOTE: don’t pick up the buff they drop


  • MONSTER: METEOR GOLIATH. LIMITATIONS: Don’t directly damage the hunters or wildlife, but lead the hunters through the map through all the angry mammoth birds you can.

  • ASSAULT - MARKOV OR PARNELL. LIMITIATIONS: Markov cannot use his lightning gun. Markov starts with 1 mine and earns an additional mine for each egg destroyed.

  • SUPPORT - HANK OR CABOT. LIMITATIONS: Hank starts with one uses of his shild projector and gets another for for every 2 eggs. You can hold it as long as you want, but once you let go, you’re done. (YOUR DONE) Same with Cabot’s damage amp.


  • MEDIC - LAZ. LIMITATIONS: Only 4 uses of the heal burst that can be used at any time. He can revive 1 person after the third minion is killed, or you can get them back from the dropship.

Monster hatches the first egg when Hunters are on the ground, then leads them from egg to egg (Hunters have to fight off wildlife along the way). Hunters win if they destroy all 6 eggs (preferably with everyone alive). If a person dies and respawns from the dropship but isn’t able to rejoin the group, just have them stand around and do nothing

As we played, we adjusted the rules.

It was way too hard, so we made some tweaks.

  • We increased strikes to 2.
  • We upped heal bursts to 6. (Edit: originally typed 8, but @Ares was right. It equal to the number of eggs, can be used at any time.)
  • Limited orbital barrage to once an egg.
  • Add Lennox as an assault.
  • Removed Abe as trapper selection (stasis grenade OP!)

We had a blast. I’d love to see more people play it, and give feedback on the rules! If you have suggestions, ideas, changes… post 'em here! I wanna know!

If you want to see a play it, you can check out the Twitch highlight here.


Didn’t they change the limitations so you can’t use Abe as the trapper?

Oh, that’s right. Let me edit that in.



Only Lazarus? D:

You might be able to play as Val, provided you don’t use your med-gun

The point of the gamemode is to be challenging, so no healing. watch the livestream (the recording) to see the reason and the hilarity.

Also, no napalms. Napalms OP plz nerf.

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…what if I just didn’t heal as Caira? :s

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might work. the napalms are good against wildlife and it would be difficult to heal people with JUST the healburst so I think it would balance out.


Well the damage from her napalm grenade would probably make her a bit unbalanced, same would probably go for slim.

But since it is meant to be a game-mode with friends, I imagine if you could do that if you really wanted to, but it would mess with the immersion

Was thinking with Lennox if you hit 3-4 stacks then loose them you need to wait until next egg to punch again


Played this with their group on stream. It sounds like it isn’t a big deal (aggressive wildlife? So what?) but with all the rules it turns out much harder than you would think. Wildlife also isn’t just “aggressive”, they are beefed up in health and damage (or at least it seemed that way). With limited heals and hordes of angry red mammoth birds appearing suddenly through the foliage, it gets crazy.

Laz is chosen as the healer because of the potency and frequency of his heal. He also has a harder time with wildlife due to having a more precise weapon than someone like Caira. Plus, if you didn’t have personal cloak you would never beat the challenge. Monster minions target the medic first, remember.

All in all, it’s more fun than I expected and I’d definitely recommend getting a group together to try it :slight_smile:

Edit: also, one rule that wasn’t listed above is that you can’t use high ground against wildlife. You have to stay on ground level. The only exception is when a monster minion is hatched, at which point kiting/high ground is necessary.

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And being Mechagranny wouldn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was going to ask you to post the rules last night, but I passed out. Thanks! This was a ton of fun, and I can’t wait to guide my friends to their untimely demise next time we have 5 online. Hopefully it isn’t too much harder on Xbox.

One note: I think I only used 6 heal bursts (at least, that’s what I was supposed to do). 8 might be a little too easy.

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This sounds fun. Kind of makes me want a survival game mode in the game.


why this isnt a game mode yet… im not sure -_- im counting on you to make this a game mode trs

You’re right. It was one heal burst per egg. Will update.

Caira’s damage is poopy Moiser. Everyone knows this ;-;

Once I’m back from vacation I definitely want to try playing again. And playing with new people as well.

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It is equal to the number of eggs, but you still get all 6 bursts from the start, you don’t need to ‘charge’ them.

We needed most of the bursts during/after the second fight… lol