Evolved in a nut shell... A word from the wise


This is not COD, BF, or any other shooter. (people rage in cod and they do here too but that just means you have to wait for others to join.)
This is Evolve for a reason, If you do not progress yourself and get better there is no real way to say you will win. Do not limit yourself too having only one character you play, you need to be able to play at least 3 to have any sort of chance at wining a round and i don’t mean all three medics or all three trappers. You may not get your choice of class half the time so make sure you can play something else because you will get romped if you have an assault player stuck on medic. I have killed Goliaths Krakens and Wraiths with multiple hunters, Its not hard if you work together. I like wraith because its easy to ninja around and be an unseen nightmare, but i still love to watch things burn or fry. Trust me when i say that the only thing that might need a little Nerf would be the Kraken, maybe just one off the stage 3 armor bar would bee enough. but i don’t really care since i found out how to fight them. You can go google guides and videos on how to fight but you will only get hindered if you skip the learning progress. Play them all and learn their skills otherwise you wont know what you are up against in a fight and how to react.

Happy hunting, what ever you are.


Kraken needs a nerf, but Wraith is fine?

But Kraken needs a nerf? Kraken?


Are you…i don’t even…



I have only seen a Kraken take down the hunters with ease as a stage one without armor. i was playing with one mate of mine and we go alright together I’m not saying we are great but we work well together. but even so i don’t think the hunter team of 4 could have lost so quickly against a stage one monster within 5 minutes. that was before i know how to fight it, i would like to find them again in there stage 3 and do the dance again now i know some more moves.


I think Kraken has the worst stage 1 out of all 3 monsters right now. Once he hits stage 2 he is a hard fight, but I don’t think I have ever lost to a stage 1 Kraken. I have also never killed a team as a stage one kraken


Kraken doesn’t need a nerk imo but he does shine in capitalizing on bad positioned if you have all of your attacks ready to go and land them in rapid succession


you are not suppose to lose to a stage one anything unless the monster player is HIGHLY skilled or your team is horrid.


What yeah I get that… I was just saying to @Robot_Rob Who was saying Kraken was hard at stage 1. I was just trying to say all monster at stage 1 Kraken is the worst.