Evolved DLC


DISCLAIMER: All ideas and content included in this post are for role-playing value only. Nothing here can be expected to be implemented into the game in the near future, nor ever.

Instead of the generic DLC… Evolve the game. Episodic almost. As time passes in real life, the scientists (developers ) have constructed blueprints to use in field upgrades from the bio-tech of the locale wildlife. Evolve strikes me as a revolutionary take on a moba style gaming system. But it’s missing a few essences of progression and balance. The monster evolves. Why not throw a new element into the equation. Why can’t the troops somehow… Evolve.

Gain Perks to boost their healing power. Increase fire rate. Living weapons made from the bio-tech the monsters were created from. The inherent balance and current game state would be thrown into disarray, but that’s the beauty of releasing new content in a progressive game. The developers have stated multiple times that balance is one of their favorite things to do. They have also stated that balancing is as easy as changing a few integer values and clicking save. However, implementing evolved DLC such as this requires more finesse than changing a few values. Perks would need to be counter balanced, graphics and mechanics implemented, and playstyle refined. These are things that can be done, since most of these mechanics and the code required exist within the gaming enterprise already.

Some feedback I have pulled together in regards to this idea has been both positive, negative, negligent and derogatory. The community of players this has touched thus far have stated “this would change the game, if you want to play a different games go play a different game”, “this would unbalance the game” etc. This would change the game, yes. The game would progress. This would unbalance the game, and I trust the people who literally created this game from the ground up are capable of balancing new features.

The DLC after that, evolve the game again. Too much time on shear has had a toll. The hunters have begun copulation with the ecosystems atmosphere which has modified the genetics in a form of darwinism. The same elements making the plant life, wild life and monsters abnormally large has begun to alter the genetics of the hunters resulting in increased physical prowess(movement speed, jump height, melee ability) , developed senses ( enhanced tracking, ability to smell like the monsters, tunnel vision when around a wildlife upgrade; graphics blur but focus on the wildlife in sort of a canine animalistic vision)… And all this can be incorporated into a talent tree giving players far more customization, progress, more hours played is more money made. Talents such as the animal vision would increase visibility of wildlife upgrades, which would be in the trackers talent tree. The medic would have a talent increasing the party health regeneration rate from 0.0 to 10.0 per second.

Things like this will affect the balance of the game, but as you dev’s stated… It’s as simple as changing the numeric value of an integer in a save file. You (the developers) have the very unique opportunity to take the modern monetization method of DLC, along with the name of the game (Evolve), and create a new revolutionary real-time genre of “Evolved DLC”. A name every game development studio will use in the future for their DLC, annotating your games legacy contribution to the gaming community in history. You will be a first.

You can combine episodic value with real-time development and community relations to create a genre of monetization to top anything previously achieved. Every time league of legends releases a new character into play (one a week or so) they have to re balance the entirety of the previously released characters. The balancing isn’t something new nor difficult to do, so I would appreciate it if all contribution to this post remained additive to the subject.

Create your legacy Turtle Rock Studios.


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