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I’m just curious - who’s the go to guy or gal covering Evolve on Youtube? It seems every title has a few and I’m finding a lot of old stuff from the beta at the moment. It might still be relevant, but I’d prefer stuff that I know is based on the release game. The reason I started looking at all is that I took over for Kraken from a bot when I joined a match and felt like a fish out of water. I hadn’t tried him yet and have been playing as Goliath thus far who I felt like I had been playing as forever as soon as I used him the first time. I couldn’t figure out how to use two of Kraken’s abilities and the flight mechanics felt inconsistent to me (probably because I had no idea what I was doing). I thought I might watch a video or something on it to see what I was doing wrong.

There’s @Maddcow, and some other guy who makes tutorial videos with all of the characters. Can’t remember who he is though.

If you need help with Kraken however, you should PM me. I’m the forums resident Kraxpert. :wink:

I have some good videos from the press release where I was playing as Kraken against some of the TRS Devs. I don’t think I have started uploading any recent footage, but Kraken is more or less the same in that build.

I have a Youtube channel that revolves more on guides and updates. I haven’t added any content recently due to work and stuff, but I’m hoping back on Spotlights around monday

if you fancy watching VODs or streams, you should check out sacriel, hes highly knowledgable of the game and usually explains a LOT alongside playing

I see you. I will give your vids a shot. Thanks for the replies everyone.

It’s funny to me how different the characters actually feel. As I said in my OP, the first time I used Goliath, I felt like I already knew exactly what I needed to do. Last I checked I am at a .75 WLR with Goliath after something like 6 matches using him. Both times I lost was in Stage 1 and I already modified my strategy to hopefully avoid those early game losses. With Kraken though, for some reason I just couldn’t seem to get distance between myself and the Hunters and I’m 99% sure that I wasn’t using the Vortex ability he has correctly at all. I have no idea what it’s supposed to do actually. Lol. It probably didn’t help that I took over for the AI who was already fighting the Hunters at Stage 1.

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Agree completely. This is why the DLC prices don’t bother me too much because each one, monster or hunter, changes the game a lot.

I’m doing my high quality coverage long-term of Evolve aswell as nightly Streams :smile:

Plug-a-roo http://www.youtube.com/c/ISEGaming

I actually posted my first video last night. If you’d like to watch it here’s the link.

If you want straight gameplay with no commentary then I’m in the process of uploading stuff. Right now its all Hunter stuff from release but I put up a Kraken vid and will upload more tonight.

I have a youtube channel dedicated to gaming and I’m currently releasing videos of Evolve with more coming soon. There’s a first look review, a guide to winning as monster, some gameplay and more to come. Check it out!

My kids and I post a variety of shit, but we’ve been doing some Evolve lately… game play, tips… whateva’…

Anyway, for those interested;

GRIZZLE MARINE! He’s my go-to Evolve master… haha

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Ghost Robo has a ton of Evolve videos to watch and they’re pretty frequent.

Just uploaded z dozen more videos. Here is my footage from our team competing in the Second ESL PC Europe tournament. Playlist can be found here.

I’m an Evolve detective, check out some of my facts videos here:


If you’re interested at all I have been doing an Evacuation campaign thing on my channel Sand634 but I do it mainly for fun as I continue to make videos I will soon be doing a strategy guide though I don’t feel I’m great enough to really be advising others on how to play, any help counts I’d imagine

Right now the best YouTuber is Rob from somewhat awesome games. He drops a video for evolve at least once a day, more often it’s twice a day. They’re gameplay videos mostly with an occasional chat about new characters. Grizzle Marine does a of gameplay videos too and talks over out about what big news evolve has announced. Both are good for what you want. Rob plays all of his games now with fans, so there’s always a good chance you’ll be able to get into his videos.

Except he plays on XBone and I’m PC, also yeah they are both really awesome Rob is quite funny and I’m subbed to him already, I’d do videos more regularly but I’ve been trying to move so I fell behind and tried to do streaming when I could but that again has been effected by moving, lol. Thanks for the tip though man

Personally I think @MaddCow does some really good stuff learning and improving you at the game, Somewhatasomegames is another person who is very consistent at uploading game play, showing off a lot of the new skins and likes playing with his fans on a regular basis. The biggest is Ghostrobo who I would compare to somewhatawsomegames however does not upload the game as nearly as frequently. Lastly I myself upload any and all news about Evolve and I did use to do some tips and tricks videos but is hard to do with the game changing all the time however, I will likely get back in to that series very soon.

Hope that helped! :smile:

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