Evolve YouTube channel ability clips


I was just browsing youtube and ended up on the official evolve channel. 3 weeks ago according to youtube, they uploaded like a 5 second clip of every hunter ability in the game. Does anyone know why they did this? Will they be removing tutorial videos completely (like kala) and post them on YouTube instead?


tutorial videos will be removed from the game yes, and posted on youtube


Gotcha. The clips on YouTube at this moment aren’t really tutorials though. Have they said anything about the posts on Youtube? Also since they’re changing alot of the abilities in the next title update, I’m not sure why they would put the one that will be outdated on youtube.



She got access to the Evolve YT channel and she is taking care of it. Tagging her to answer your question.


I am not sure what action they want us to take on this. We do have the tutorials buried, but it’s going to be the least important thing when we get this update out.

In a perfect world, we will create new, updated tutorials that are easier to understand. :slight_smile:

I will bring this up with 2K in our next meeting!


Thanks for the replies!


Those are all old videos that have been on YouTube for a LONG time, but they were unlisted unless you had the link. The link could be found on the Evolve Game Changer website, and I think that’s about it.

A couple weeks ago someone simply went through and made all the videos public. That’s all, nothing but Gorgon tutorials were uploaded I believe.


Ahh alright that makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.